Firefighters respond to electric scooter fire in downtown Vancouver

An electric scooter caught fire in downtown Vancouver earlier today. Vancouver Fire Services responded to the scene at Canada Place and extinguished the blaze as onlookers watched.

“We responded to make sure the bike was completely off,” VFRS Public Information Captain Matthew Trudeau told Daily Hive.

Firefighters say no one was injured and the cause is not known at this time. The identity of the owner of the e-scooter is also not known.

Firefighters hose down an electric scooter (Submitted – Sukhwant Dhillon / AM 600)

In video captured at the scene, firefighters are seen using fire extinguishers outside the Vancouver Convention Centre. One of them drags the scooter and proceeds to spray it completely.

The fire safety of electric scooters has become a growing concern, with five Vancouverites killed in six months last year in lithium-ion battery fires. VFRS states that rechargeable batteries are the same type found in laptop computers, cell phones, electric scooters and electric bicycles.

In a tweet, VFRS warned people never to overcharge the batteries or leave them unattended while charging. In 2022, lithium-ion battery fires became the number one cause of fire fatalities in Vancouver, prompting a press conference in June.

Most problems occur when people charge the battery with a cable that is not approved for use in Canada or that is damaged. Buying a charging cable or replacement battery online can be cheaper and more attractive. But Trudeau urged customers to opt for a manufacturer-approved option, even if it means spending more.

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