Every Wakandan character in Marvel Strike Force

Wakanda is a well-known location in the Marvel universe and the home of many important heroes. With Marvel Strike Force having over 100 characters to choose from, it is no surprise that the African country is represented by multiple playable characters. Here is a complete list of every Wakandan character in Marvel Strike Force.

Before we begin, there is a version of Star-Lord, T’Challa, in a world who has been kidnapped by the Ravagers instead of Peter Quill. Since he has spent most of his life in space, he is not considered a Wakandan hero in Marvel Strike Force.

Black Panther

Of course, you can’t mention Wakanda without first thinking about T’Challa, the King of Earth and current holder of the Black Panther title. He is brave who can apply Slow to his targets and abilities to raise his speed bar after getting a kill.


Killmonger is one of T’Challa’s enemies. He grew up to be a fearsome hunter and mercenary. In Marvel Strike Force, he excels at eliminating enemies with low health and draining that health into his pool.


Mbaku is the leader of the Jabri tribe of Wakanda and is a fierce warrior on the battlefield. In the game, he is a tank character who builds his defense and health and then launches attacks on nearby targets.


Okoye is the general of the Dora Milaje, a group of high-ranking female military protectors of both the King and Wakanda. In Marvel Strike Force, you excel at lowering enemies’ defenses with your super attacks.


Shuri is T’Challa’s sister, but more importantly, she’s a Vibranium genius and supports the hero in Marvel Strike Force. You apply Heal Block to enemy targets and increase their defense, speed and other Wakandan heroes on your team.

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