Even HBO Max doesn’t want its HBO Max original movies

Seth Rogen, Bobby Cannavale, Melissa McCarthy and Anne Hathaway

Seth Rogen, Bobby Cannavale, Melissa McCarthy and Anne Hathaway
Photo: Pictures from Warner Bros., hopper stone

Anyone interested in some discontinued original movies?

Continuing its war against itself, Discovery Warner Bros. quietly removed six “Max Originals” from its service, including two featuring Octavia Spencer: by Robert Zemeckis The witches and Melissa McCarthy’s vehicle Superintelligence. However, before we start accusing Discovery of being biased against movies starring Octavia Spencer (more likely, they don’t want to pay residuals on movies the studio spent a fortune on due to WB’s direct bet), we should note that some non-Spencer films were also affected, such as the recently released Moon shotwho made his debut on the streamer just three months ago. News follows content massacre at Discovery Warner Bros., who claimed near completion bat girl and Scoob! : The holiday haunt as victims.

Other victims of the company’s latest cost-cutting measures include Doug Liman’s first quarantine heist film LockedSeth Rogen’s time travel comedy An American pickleand Angel Manuel Soto Charm of the kings of the city. The house party to restart produced by LeBron James also disappeared from the release schedule – it was supposed to drop on July 28. While streaming services routinely pull items from streamers, it’s rare that those marked as exclusive to the service receive such treatment.

This all seems consistent with decisions made by Discovery Warner Bros. these last months. Earlier this year, Discovery’s billionaire brain trust, presumably hoping to pave the way for more 90 Day Fiance spin off, destroyed scripted television on former Turner, TNT, TBS and TruTV networks. The move resulted in the unceremonious cancellation of Chad the day its second season was supposed to airwhich is the best way to profit from a finished product.

Now, things are not as bad as many might think. My-heads can still find Max Originals with Octavia Spencer on various streaming services that aren’t HBO Max. At the very least, we can all agree that Octavia Spencer deserved better than The witches and Superintelligenceand it deserves better than Discovery Warner Bros.

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