Does the China-Solomon Islands security pact really matter to Australian voters in the Pacific Islands?

The security pact between China and the Solomon Islands did not surprise Stella Robinson.

The Papua New Guinea-born Australian, who lives in Brisbane, said the deal was a sign Australia had taken the Pacific for granted.

“There are references made by various Australian politicians, always about the Pacific family, the Pacific neighborhood and everything else,” she said.

“But when it comes to issues that matter to us, our voice is not heard.”

Ms Robinson said the government’s handling of Pacific relations would influence her vote in the upcoming Australian federal election.

Stella Robinson says climate change is a key priority for Pacific communities.(Provided)

“For me, it will be about the platforms and programs of the individual candidates who will represent our Pacific voices,” she told the ABC.

Climate change is his top priority.

“It’s not about human rights and stuff anymore. It’s about survival,” she said.

A group of Pacific protesters hold climate justice banners in the street in Bonn, Germany.
Stella Robinson has been concerned for several years about climate change in the Pacific. She is pictured (third from left) protesting at COP23 in Germany in 2017.(Provided)

It’s a view shared by Melbourne resident Salome Swan.

The Fijian-born Australian said she was disappointed that Australian politicians had not done more to prevent the China-Solomon Islands deal from going ahead.

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