COVID-19 Australia’s ‘third biggest killer’, new data shows

Lockdowns are over, vaccines are widely available, but COVID-19[feminine] just not going anywhere.

In fact, new data predicts the virus will be Australia’s third biggest killer for the fiscal year that ended in July 2022.

The Institute of Actuaries said deaths from COVID-19 – as opposed to people dying “with” the virus – reached 7,100 for the first seven months of the year.

COVID-19 continues to wreak deadly havoc in Australia. (Bianca De Marchi)

Only heart disease and dementia should have taken their toll on the Australian population.

COVID-19 will even exceed deaths from cardiovascular disease, such as stroke and lung cancer.

The Institute compiled daily reports from state and territory health departments to find 9,550 deaths of people with COVID-19 from January through July.

This included a grim record of 1,934 deaths in July alone.

The Institute estimated that of these, COVID-19 could be considered a cause of death in around 7,100 cases.

COVID-19 also affects “excess deaths” from other conditions, according to the Institute’s modelling, based on mortality data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“Excess deaths” are deaths above what would be expected in a non-pandemic year, although COVID-19 should not have directly contributed.


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During the pandemic, excess deaths from all causes were 2% higher than predicted according to the Institute’s model – the figure reflecting the decline in deaths from respiratory diseases in the first two years.

“This is valuable data for our public health decision makers and should inform our flexible, safe and pragmatic public health response,” Chief Executive Elayne Grace said.

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