Car crash at fireworks stand in Washington kills two, police say

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Two men were killed in northeastern Washington on Saturday when a pickup truck hit a cyclist and then crashed into a fireworks stand, DC police said.

The cyclist died after being hit in a crosswalk near the scene at Minnesota and Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenues, according to DC Deputy Chief of Police Wil Manlapaz.

The other man who was killed was working at the fireworks stand when the crash happened around 5:30 p.m., Manlapaz said.

The truck driver and a passenger were taken to hospitals, he said.

According to Manlapaz’s account of the incident, the truck was traveling north on Minnesota Avenue when the driver lost control of the vehicle and struck the bicyclist. The truck continued, scrambling up the sidewalk and hurtling into the fireworks stand.

It was not immediately clear why the vehicle spun out of control. However, some officials said the driver may have suffered a medical emergency.

Driver or passenger status information was not immediately available.

A photograph showed that the stand was badly damaged in the incident. It showed a sagging awning that was once supported by poles that had now fallen or toppled.

Containers that presumably contained goods appeared scattered.

However, there was no indication that any fireworks went off, police said.

It was unclear how long the stand had been operating at the corner of Minnesota Avenue. Saturday’s incident happened two days before July 4, when fireworks are part of many people’s observance, and at a time when temporary stalls are springing up along many roadsides to respond on seasonal demand.

Some fireworks are legal in the district, according to the DC Fire Department website. They include torches, box lights, fountains and sparklers under 20 inches, the website said.

The scene took place near the neighborhood of Deanwood, southeast of Kenilworth Park and Water Gardens, and about a mile south of the district’s border with Prince George’s County.

The names of those involved in the incident have not been released.

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