Boston Doctor Asks Oprah to ‘Try to Stop’ Dr. Oz’s Damage

  • Health professionals have long accused Dr. Oz of promoting “quackery” remedies based on unsubstantiated evidence.
  • Oz, currently a candidate for the Senate, rose to fame after being a health expert on Oprah Winfrey’s show.
  • A pediatrician told The Daily Beast that it’s time for Winfrey to acknowledge her role in Oz’s career.

A Boston-area pediatrician says it’s time for Oprah Winfrey to acknowledge the role she played in Dr. Mehmet Oz’s career and speak out against him as he runs for a seat at the Senate, the Daily Beast reported.

“Without Oprah, Oz would have played out his career as a prominent and widely respected cardiothoracic surgeon, and everyone would have been better off,” said Dr. Daniel Summers. “His stardom, and therefore his candidacy, stems directly from his own fame and promotion.”

Summers’ comments come as The Daily Beast reported that Columbia University’s medical school has quietly distanced its ties from Oz, who has long been criticized by medical experts for promoting unfounded medical advice on his show. The Dr. Oz Show.

Before having his own show in 2009, Oz gained popularity through his role as a health expert on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” for several years.

NBC News reported that in 2020, Oz promoted the use of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 despite lack of evidence and concern from medical experts.

The New York Times reported in December 2021 that the British Medical Journal analyzed 80 medical recommendations on the Oz show and found that less than half were backed by evidence.

Summers told the Beast that it was “a long time past” for Winfrey to “recognize her role in making him who he is and try to stop the damage he is doing by putting him away.”

Oz’s show was canceled after Oz announced his candidacy as the GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. Oz was also endorsed by former President Donald Trump, who also touted baseless coronavirus cures during his presidency.

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