Bill Murray allegedly accused of ‘inappropriate behavior’ on set | Movies

A complaint for “inappropriate behavior” has been filed against actor Bill Murray, leading to the halt of production on the film he is working on, we have learned.

According to Deadline, production on the Searchlight Being Mortal film was halted on Monday and a letter was later sent to the cast and crew saying, “We have been made aware of a complaint and have immediately investigated it. After reviewing the circumstances, it was decided that production could not continue at this time.

The letter did not name Murray as the target of the complaint. However, Deadline named Murray and The New York Times followed suit, referring to an unnamed source saying the film was shut down due to what was described solely as “inappropriate behavior”.

Being Mortal is an adaptation of Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End, a non-fiction exploration of death and dying by surgeon Atul Gawande, and is written and directed by Aziz Ansari. Ansari also stars in the film alongside Murray and Seth Rogen.

It is unclear how long filming will be suspended. In their letter, Searchlight states, “Our hope is to resume production and work with Aziz [Ansari] and [producer] You are [Henley] to understand this moment.

Searchlight and a representative for Murray have been contacted for a response. Searchlight told Deadline it does not comment on ongoing investigations.

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