April 10-16 — 599 COVID cases reported, 41 indoor hospitalizations – BC News

BC COVID Weekly Update

The latest data released by the British Columbia government shows the inland health authority again recorded the most new cases of COVID-19 between April 10 and April 16.

Earlier this month, the provincial government stopped publishing daily reports of COVID-19 cases and deaths, replacing them with weekly reports. The latest weekly data, however, is only up-to-date until April 16.

Between April 10 and April 16, 2,036 new cases were reported in British Columbia, of which 599 were from the Interior. That’s up from 522 cases in HI the previous week.

But with limited access to PCR testing across British Columbia, that data may not paint an accurate picture of how many people actually contract the virus.

In the same week, 238 people were admitted to hospital with COVID-19 in the province, 41 of whom were from the interior. Provincially, hospitalizations fell by 51 from the previous week.

There remain 485 people hospitalized with the virus across the province, and 103 of those people are inside.

The province also changed its COVID reports to show “all-cause mortality,” which lists the number of COVID and non-COVID deaths that occurred within 30 days of a positive COVID test.

“All-cause mortality is used because the cause of death takes approximately eight weeks to be recorded,” the BC Center for Disease Control says in its case notes.

“Retrospective assessments of the underlying cause of death will be performed by the BCCDC, in addition to the data provided in this report, to better understand the true mortality from COVID-19. »

From April 10 to 16, 27 people died in the province within 30 days of testing positive for the virus, seven of whom were from the interior.

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