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Amyra Dastur Never miss a day at the gym. The actress is a fitness fan and the pages from her gym diary always make us look bad. The actress swears by high-intensity workouts and always keeps sharing updates of her fitness routine on her Instagram profile with the aim of motivating her Instagram family to start working out seriously.

Amyra’s Instagram profile is full of photos and videos of her as she is immersed in her many workout routines. From lifting weights to finding a moment to connect with herself with an authoritative yoga routine, Amira can do everything and more. The day before, Amira shared a brief glimpse of what a day at the gym looks like for her. The video captured the focus and dedication the actress has for her fitness.

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In the video, Amira can be seen working out her arm and back muscles by lifting weights. Wearing a white tank top and checkered track pants, Amyra can be seen training with her back to the camera. The actor can be seen pulling a rod attached to a sports string down forcefully. In the final part of the video, Amira can be seen reclining on a chair of some sort and raising the dumbbells above her head. Take a look at an excerpt from Amyra’s workout routine shared on her Instagram stories, here:

The Instagram story of Princess Dastur.  (Instagram / @amyradastur93)
The Instagram story of Princess Dastur. (Instagram / @amyradastur93)

Back and back muscle exercises come with multiple health benefits. Exercising with the arms helps protect the bones and improve posture. It also helps in promoting heart health and reducing stress levels. On the other hand, the back muscles help stabilize the spine and support the entire body structure. Exercising with dumbbells helps activate many muscle groups in the body. It also helps with muscle strength, flexibility, and growth. It also helps in providing stability to the muscles and joints.

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