Amid COVID-19 absence, concerns raised about teachers providing medical care in local district

Over the past three weeks, Jacob Rylander, a former District 196 employee and school board candidate, has heard about the same problem from multiple teachers and support staff in District 196.

Faced with staff shortages, they have expressed concerns about being asked to perform medical procedures on students, such as injecting insulin and replacing catheters, with what they call minimal training.

“To put it in perspective, I am a nationally registered EMT and I am not medically qualified to do the things these teachers and paraprofessionals are asked to do,” Rylander told FOX 9.

Rylander fears for their jobs and says he speaks out for those who can’t. FOX 9 has verified its account with those currently working in the district, including Rosemount, Eagan, and Apple Valley.

“Asking them now to do more with less is already a kick in the ass, now asking to take on legal liability without any proper training, no experience is just ridiculous,” said Rylander.

Former District 196 employee and school board candidate Jacob Rylander discusses his concerns about being asked to perform medical procedures on students.

Amid the pandemic and the absences of nurses, District 196 representatives tell FOX 9 that teachers are receiving “reinforced training regarding certain student support health procedures and may be asked to implement them to eliminate disruption to the student’s teaching experience.” .”

Each student with health needs has an individual plan that their parent or guardian approves and that determines whether a registered nurse must perform a particular health procedure.

“I don’t think anyone has a problem asking people to perform, all these people have huge hearts… they’re concerned about personal liability in case something goes wrong,” Rylander said.

Rylander said he understands schools are tight at the moment and thinks a trained volunteer program could be a possible solution.

“They could create a documented training program and have all these individuals go through, certify and qualify through this training so we all know they meet a minimum expectation to provide that care,” he said.


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