Amanda Todd case: Aydin Coban found guilty on all counts

A Dutch man has been found guilty of five counts related to the online sextortion of Amanda Todd, a teenager from British Columbia.

Aydin Coban was found guilty of extortion, harassment, communicating with a youth to commit a sexual offence, possession of child pornography and distribution of child pornography

The verdict was delivered Saturday in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, less than 24 hours after the start of jury deliberations. The trial lasted nearly two months and took place more than a decade after Todd died by suicide at the age of 15.

“My body went into temporary shock,” Amanda’s mother Carol said, describing how she felt upon hearing the verdict. “There were so many disappointments along the way, weren’t there? To hear from five “guilty people” – it was as if Amanda had obtained justice. »

The harrowing tale, seen by millions of viewers since her death, saw her use flash cards to describe the torments of her anonymous cyberbully. His plea and death brought the issue of online harassment and cyberbullying into the spotlight.

“It’s a monster that practices its terror without weapons,” said jurist Ari Goldkind. “He’s using the internet, using cyberbullying as a method and it’s costing people their lives.”

Coban’s attorneys expressed disappointment with the verdict.

“This is not what we hoped or expected,” said Joe Saulnier, Coban’s lead attorney. “So we’re going to talk to our client. A call is a possibility.

Todd’s mother hopes the trial will set a historic precedent.

“It’s time ‘sextortion’ was enshrined in the criminal code,” Todd said. “So our families and our children can be safer.”

A Dutch court approved Coban’s extradition to Canada after his trial there on similar allegations. He was found guilty of internet fraud and blackmail and sentenced to the maximum sentence of 10 years and eight months, for what Dutch judicial authorities described as the “devastating consequences of his behavior” on the lives of his dozens of victims. .

Carol says the victory in court was the happiest she has felt since losing her daughter 10 years ago. But that his hard work and his recovery are far from over.

“It’s not the closure,” she said. “It’s just another chapter that has been completed. But Amanda’s legacy lives on.

Carol says she will continue to share her daughter’s story to raise awareness of the seriousness of cyberbullying and “sextortion”.

A sentencing date is expected to be announced on the morning of August 11.

With files from The Canadian Press

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