Adorable Elden Ring Art Turns Ranni Into a Rock Star

One Elden Ring fan creates an adorable piece of fan art that turns fan-favorite character Ranni the Witch into an otherworldly rock star.

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s most ambitious game to date, featuring an incredibly dense open-world setting and a wide variety of storylines for players to pursue. Its cast of characters includes terrifying, tragic, and even cute larger-than-life demigods and monsters. Now, one Elden Ring fan has created a piece of fan art as a tribute to Lunar Princess, Ranni the Witch that turns the fey spell caster into a rock star.

Ranni is one of the many Elden Ring characters who can give the player quests and explain the game’s background lore. Furthermore, Ranni’s quest is one of the game’s main storylines, and completing it will open up a unique ending. Gamers who are fond of Ranni may view the Age of the Stars ending and become her consort.


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Redditor RedEyesRagdoll shared a piece of fan art focused on Ranni sees her transforming from a mysterious spectral magic user to a mysterious spectral rock star. The drawing depicts two doodles of Ranni holding a double-neck guitar, one showing her holding up the fused instruments for the viewer to see, and one showing her playing them. In the accompanying text, the artist explains that since Ranni has four arms, she should be able to play both guitars simultaneously. RedEyesRagdoll dubs this version of Ranni “Lunar Riffs Ranni,” and says that she is the one who plays both rhythm guitar and lead guitar.

Double-neck guitars are very real, created to allow guitar players to effectively swap instruments in a very short amount of time. However, Ranni’s four arms allow her to play both sides of the double-neck guitar at once. In RedEyesRagdoll’s piece, she is shown enthusiastically plucking at the strings on both fretboards and headbanging hard enough to send her hat flying. This isn’t the first time Elden Ring fans have created musical fan art or tributes to the game, but it may be one of the most adorable.

As of writing, it appears that other Elden Ring fans find the idea of ​​Ranni as a rock star to be quite fascinating. Several users replied by drawing connections to existing rock-based media, including Brutal Legend and the band Tenacious D. Even more users began altering some of Ranni’s dialogue from the game to include references to rock music and playing guitar. One user even suggested that Ranni should play the guitar during the Age of the Stars ending so that players could rock out as they become her Elden Lord. While this might clash a bit with Elden Ring‘s medieval fantasy aesthetic, it seems some players would appreciate rock or metal covers of the game’s soundtrack.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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