A Butcher’s Guide to Making Healthy Bone Broth

stored in the back From any whole animal butcher’s shop, a goldmine waits for the chef seasoned enough to order: bones ready to be turned into rich, nutritious broth. All you really need is bones, water, acid, and salt. Bones simmer for hours, decomposing, releasing collagen, gelatin, nutrients, and minerals into a condensed fluid.

Denver Butcher, nutritional therapist and farmer Kate Kavanaugh is one of the nation’s leading missionaries of what she calls the “mother’s potion.” She considers bone broth “the skeleton, foundation, and backbone of my kitchen and many of my nutrition protocols.”

A vegetarian for years, Ms. Kavanaugh has resumed eating meat after experiencing some health issues. She soon began visiting farmers and ranchers to understand how she could consume meat more sustainably. I eventually learned to butcher, and opened a Western Dogs Butcher Shop in Denver in 2013. Everything sold in the store is sold within a 100-mile radius. The beef is 100% grass fed and finished with weeds. Lamb, pork and poultry are raised on pastures. The shop sells bones, too, along with Mrs. Kavanaugh’s bone broth on tap.

Professional Tips

  • Bones will keep in the refrigerator for 3 days and in the freezer, tightly wrapped in butcher paper or airtight, for at least 6 months.
  • Bones or broth with a foul odor or visible mold spoils and must be discarded.
  • Store the broth in the freezer in silicone ice trays or in glass jars or ball jars.

The butcher herself teaches a virtual bone broth class, delving into nutrition, sourcing, cooking, and equipment. She prefers beef bones, but she stresses that lamb, pork, and poultry bones all work well. She loves the neck bones and the joint in particular. “They make really untidy broth,” she said. Heads and feet are also great for producing a sticky, yet gentle consistency.

Ask the butcher to cut the bones into pieces that fit easily in the pot you will be using (1 to 2-inch pieces, usually). To roast the bones or not? This is up to you. Do you have some vegetable scraps on hand? Throw them! Follow the steps on the right as a guide to making your own signature “Mother’s Potion”, which in turn can be used as the basis for soups, sauces, and stews; As an ingredient for deglazing, simmering and simmering; Or on its own as a drink to warm and strengthen you during cold days and tough times.

The perfect bone broth recipe

It is intensely nutritious, very tasty and worth keeping all year round.

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