5 things our food safety expert would never do

“And number five, I would never eat any form of raw meat. I know my sushi lovers won’t like it, and I know sushi has proven to be healthy for you. But because it’s not cooked, that means an important kill step to kill any pathogenic bacteria hasn’t been done. Because of this, you can catch a serious foodborne illness, and this is especially important for pregnant women whose fetuses are more susceptible to foodborne illnesses and infections.—JR

Well, shit. Count on me as one of those depressed sushi lovers who will now look anxiously at their beloved salmon and avocado wrap. I actually don’t just love sushi, I just can’t get enough of ceviche and crudo either. But one bad batch (and, yes, I actually experienced that) can send you on a super fun 24-hour trip to the bathroom. Raw fish can be contaminated with Vibrio vulnificus, which is a bacterium that lives in coastal waters, as well as listeria or salmonella. Raw fish can also contain parasites that are killed at very low temperatures, so FDA guidelines recommend that most fish intended to be served raw be frozen first. James says he would not eat sushi, although others can choose to if they wish, as the risk is manageable if restaurants and home cooks follow safety precautions when preparing sushi. fish (phew!). But if you’re immunocompromised, a child, elderly, or pregnant, the risks may be more serious. Check out this list of healthy and safe – once cooked – fish to eat.

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