5 Giant Foods In Vancouver For Those With Giant Appetites

Big appetite? No problem. There are plenty of places to curb your hunger in and around the city.

From a gigantic burger to enormous pasta dishes, these are the best spots to indulge in giant foods in Vancouver.

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Giant Foods In Vancouver

Over-the-top Caesars at Score on Davie

Cure your hangover at none other than the Score on Davie. The popular pub grub spot is best known for its vast selection of Caesars, which of course are topped off with every bar food item you could imagine. We’re talking burgers, onion rings, corn dogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon wrapped scallops, tempura prawns and deep fried mac-and-cheese.

Address: 1262 Davie Street, Vancouver

Nearly every dish at Anton’s Pasta Bar

Can’t get enough carbs in your life? Head on over to Anton’s Pasta Bar in Burnaby. The beloved joint has every pasta dish your heart (and stomach) could desire. Plus, it’s all about big portions, so you’ll for sure be taking home some leftovers. They also have great prices, especially considering you’re getting two meals for essentially the price of one.

Address: 4260 Hastings Street, Burnaby

Giant sesame ball and BBQ pork and pineapple bun at Sun Sui Wah

Make getting dim sum all the more fun by ordering the giant sesame ball and BBQ pork and pineapple bun at Sun Sui Wah. The giant sesame balls are made to order and take at least 15 minutes from start to finish. It is crunchy on the outside and yet inside has a chewy and almost mochi-like texture.

Address: 3888 Main Street, Vancouver

Chicken the size of your face at Big G Fried Chicken Steaks

Craving chicken? Try a piece the size of your face at Big G Fried Chicken Steaks. The Taiwanese chicken steaks are humongous and will definitely fill you up for awhile. They offer a bunch of flavors as well, including original, salt and pepper, spicy powder, cajun powder, seaweed powder, plum powder, hot and sweet sauce.

Address: 382 Robson Street, Vancouver

The Beast Burger at Cannibal Cafe

I mean, it’s not called “The Beast” for no reason. It’s so big in fact, that Cannibal Cafe actually has a challenge to finish it. Consisting of eight patties, eight double cheddar slides and eight double bacon strips, even those with the biggest of appetites will struggle with this one. Anyone who attempts the challenge will have to finish the burger in its entirety in just 30 minutes. If they’re successful, they get a free meal, t-shirt and will be featured on the restaurant’s wall of fame.

Address: 1818 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

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