York Biology Graduate Heads to Medical School – York College/CUNY

Along with her sister Nirvani Ramnauth, Ashmini arrived at York College in Spring 2020. Ashmini was accepted for medical training at Ross University School of Medicine in Barbados and Nirvani was accepted at Antigua America School of Medicine. She is in the final weeks of completing her BA in Biology at York. She will then move to Antigua to begin her medical studies (more on her to come later).

“I applied to three medical schools: St Georges University Medical School, Antigua America Medical School and Ross University Medical School,” said Ashmini Ramnauth. in all three and I chose Ross because I like [the idea of] continuing my studies on an island that I admire so much.

She added that Ross University is one of the best medical schools in the Caribbean that offers residencies in the United States.

“I chose the Caribbean because I am from the same culture and from a country (Guyana) that is considered part of the Caribbean, not geographically, but culturally,” she said. “We share the same cultures and this is an important aspect for me.”

While attending York College, Ms. Ramnauth worked as a physician assistant and patient care assistant. The Biology major has completed coursework in the fall of 2021, but qualifies to participate as a graduate in the Class of 2022 commencement ceremonies.

She will do it in the company of her graduate colleague.

She says she wants to be a doctor because of her past experiences, which prepared her for success as a doctor.

“I want to become a doctor because it’s the best thing I can do for humanity,” Ramnauth said. “I believe that my experiences in the medical field, both direct and indirect patient care, have shaped me.”

Ramnauth and his sister were raised by their single mother, who is also a student at York College. She too began her graduate journey at the University of Guyana and transferred to York College with her two children. She is majoring in psychology with a minor in political science. She, too, “has always been on the Dean’s Honor Roll,” as are her daughters.

“My family is very happy that I am going to medical school and fulfilling my dream of becoming a doctor – especially my mother, who plays such a fundamental role in my life,” Ramnauth said.

To ward off any anxiety, Ramnauth practices yoga and meditation. She enjoys dancing, attending Mandir, reading and spending time with her family.

She answered with a resounding “yes” when asked if she would still choose York if she had to do it again.

“I would choose York again; because this school really made me feel at home due to its strong diverse community and extremely helpful teachers, especially in York College’s biology department,” Ramnauth said.

Specifically, she wanted to thank a number of teachers whom she deeply appreciates.

“I would like to thank Dr Margaret MacNeil, Prof Jorge Saab, Dr Sameer Verma, Prof Deborah Altgilbers, Dr Dragana Nesic, Dr Ivica Arsov and Dr Shao-Ying Hua for their guidance and assistance throughout. of my academic journey at York College, for a smooth transition into medical school, Ramnauth said, “I would like to express my gratitude to my family and friends, who have been with me throughout my stay at York College.”

There are other aspects that also kept her engaged.

“I think my best experience at York College is the rich diversity of the school, meeting people with similar backgrounds and cultures to mine,” she explained. “I felt at home at York College.

Ramnauth also thanks Professor Tricia Kutwaru (earth and physical sciences) who thinks her mentee will fly away.

“I expect Ashmina to do excellent [work] in medical school and will become a great doctor, who will strive to help his patients,” Kutwaru said. “I wish him every success in his future endeavours.

In her life, Ramnauth also went from scholar to “fun fact”. She is a former First Princess of Miss India Guyana 2017; and supermodel Miss World Guyana in 2016. She used the titles “to help raise awareness of social issues ‘in my local societies,'” she said, sharing an article published by the “Guyana Times”.

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