Word game help: 5-letter words ending in ‘APE’

wordle is a game that has managed to gather the love of many players who end up playing it every day and sharing their experiences with others through social networks. The number of people who share can even tell players who haven’t completed today’s challenge if what awaits them is more difficult than usual.

There are tips and tricks that can help any player overcome the new challenges each day while discovering new words to guess. Getting the answers right more consistently helps players rack up a longer winning streak. This way they can proudly share their results.

wordle veterans have probably already defined their favorite strategies. If after a while using the same strategy seems monotonous, it may be worth investigating other options, but players must be careful not to underestimate the game or they will end up losing their winning streak in a way unexpected.

One of the most common strategies is to use all vowels in initial attempts, decreasing the possible next word choices. Some players prefer to study statistically which are the best words to guess first. In fact, some options may reduce possible answers to less than 100 words. Other brave players like to spend almost all of their attempts trying every letter of the alphabet and risking everything to find the right word on the last try.

Whichever strategy you choose, help will sometimes be needed. If you’ve used your first few tries and only found the secret word of the day ending in ‘APE’, here are some five-letter words ending in ‘APE’, sorted alphabetically.

Five letter words ending in ‘APE’ to try wordle

  • agape
  • escape
  • crepe
  • drape
  • not
  • grape seed
  • escape
  • form

All words in this list are accepted by wordle and will give you more clues about the letters present or not in the word of the day until you have understood correctly. Another great tip for getting it right as soon as possible is to find out what other vowels are present in the word of the day to narrow down your options. Beware of words that may have repeated letters and remember to try words you already know first, because wordle tends to choose more common words as the correct answer.

These tips should help you complete your final wordle task.

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