Woman beaten by man in the middle of a busy London park – but no one helps her

WARNING – DESTRUCTIVE VIDEO: A man can be seen repeatedly punching a woman’s face while holding her hair before a young woman pulls him away in the harrowing clip filmed in Hyde Park, London

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Woman beaten by man in brutal attack in Hyde Park

An annual cannabis event has descended into chaos with a man shown in vile footage savagely punching a woman.

The horrifying clip shows a man repeatedly punching a woman’s face in Hyde Park, London – as onlookers stand by, watch and film.

The man is also shown holding the woman’s hair before another young woman pulls him away in the distressing clip.

Shamefully, others in the crowd appear to be watching, laughing and filming the savage onslaught.

The incident allegedly happened as people gathered for an annual cannabis-use event.

April 20, also known as “420” due to the Americanized presentation of the date, has become an unofficial worldwide celebration of marijuana.

It comes from a colloquial term used to describe eating weed, especially around 4:20 p.m. in the afternoon.

The protest against the legalization of cannabis brought together thousands of people who traveled to central London to get high.

Police provided amnesty bins to weed out illegal Class B drugs, only arresting those who refused and told MyLondon they were not aware of any arrests linked to the fight.

A woman can be seen being hit by a man in a London park



Amazingly, people seem to be standing and watching while filming the incident



The Mirror has also contacted the Met Police for comment.

But 10 arrests were made as protesters poured into nearby Oxford Street.

Police took to Oxford Street with dogs around 9pm to deal with armed protesters, making ten arrests and issuing a Section 35 dispersal order which was in effect until 2am morning Thursday morning.

Superintendent Dan Ivey said: “It was a proportionate response to a large crowd leaving the park, some involved in assaults, with a machete seen, a knife recovered, as well as brass knuckles.

“All is now calm. Ten arrests have been made.”

Police officers stand guard during a protest to mark the informal cannabis holiday in Hyde Park, London



A Met Police spokesperson confirmed the arrests were for an offensive weapon, one for possession of a knife, two for brawling, one for assaulting police, two for possession of Class A drugs, one for possession class B drugs and one for possession with intent to supply.

Cannabis is illegal in the UK for recreational use and those found in possession could face five years in prison or an unlimited fine.

If the police find people in possession of the drugs, officers can issue a warning or a £90 fine on the spot.

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