Winter Posts New Weight Loss Results Before and After

Winter Everett, popular cast member of The Family Chantel, is surprised to witness her dramatic weight loss transformation in the latest footage.

Winter Everett from The Chantel family recently celebrated her body transformation by posting a comparison of her body before and after weight loss on Instagram. Fans might remember Winter from appearing on the show as a supporting cast member from Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s script. However, in recent months, winter has become one of the 90 Day Fiance the franchise’s most popular stars, with over 200,000 Instagram followers. She was applauded by fans for breaking up with her controlling boyfriend, Jah, who hid his son from her.

After the messy breakup with Jah, she decided to become the best version of herself and undergo weight loss surgery in Mexico. She started her weight loss journey at 330 pounds and over the past year she has lost around 50 pounds. She is now showing off her newly transformed body in stunning dresses and continues to share body positivity posts with her Instagram followers. Fans are excited to see the confident new version of Winter on social media and can’t wait to see her weight loss progress.


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The Chantel family The Winter star shared a new update on her fitness journey on Instagram. She shared some old videos of herself in which she weighed over 300 pounds. She is amazed at how much her body has changed after experiencing dramatic weight loss. She compared her old body with her latest gym photos and captioned the Instagram post as “Wow the change is real!!” Although Winter has always seemed graceful and handsome on the show, The Chantel family fans can see that she now has very toned arms, legs and waist. The 27-year-old reality star has a slender face with a defined jawline.

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90 Day Fiance fans celebrated Winter’s weight loss update with her and showered her with a ton of encouraging messages. An Instagram user wrote: “Yes. Good for you. Keep moving, don’t stop.” Another user intervened, “I’m proud of you Winter.. I hope this experience is everything you hope for.” Someone else wrote, “Look at those curves! Get it girl! What an inspiration!” Many 90 Day Fiance the stars have had weight loss makeovers over the past year, but the way fans have supported Winter’s journey is truly amazing.

Usually, 90 Day Fiance viewers do not support stars who undergo plastic surgeries to change their physical appearance. But many fans don’t judge Chantel’s younger sister, Winter, for opting for bariatric surgery to achieve her desired figure. In fact, her loyal followers want her to feel happy and good about herself. They are extremely excited to see her find her unique arc on the show. The Chantel family viewers wish Winter luck on her next big fitness step.

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