Why You SHOULD NOT Follow Celebrity Fitness Advice

You have seen it countless times in the past years and it seems it will never go away – celebrities talking about how they got into shape for a specific purpose. Here is why you should not follow celebrity fitness advice.

“Eat X to look like Y.” “Train like [insert celebrity who got buffed and is releasing a movie soon] to get super jacked.” These headlines, unfortunately, grab the attention of most people, but the truth is that for you to look like Captain Marvel, Thor or the latest superhero actor, you need much more than to train or eat properly.

In the end, that is why you should not follow celebrity fitness advice. They are celebrities with an entire organization behind them to support and give them the necessary edge to look a certain way. You, on the other hand, probably do not have that.

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The reasons why you should not follow celebrity fitness advice below are mainly based on a video uploaded by Josh Brett. From the beginning, he claims not to be a doctor, kinesiologist or fitness expert, but his mission is to encourage “nuanced thinking and inspire you to take your fitness to the next level through no BS documentaries.”

“Health is being confused with aesthetics, which are not the same thing,” Brett says.

This is perhaps the greatest succinct advice you can give to someone who sweating at the gym to look like a celebrity. Chasing peak performance will make you incredibly fit, it’s a career for some, and is an incredibly valid goal, but chances are you won’t be healthy.

How to Eat for Performance vs. Health vs. Looks

Why You SHOULD NOT Follow Celebrity Fitness Advice

Celebrity fitness advice often has exaggerated claims. And while we only see the end result, a body that transformed from A to B, the media tends to glorify whatever attitudes such celebrities did to reach that fitness goal.

Someone like Dwayne The Rock Johnson, for example, earns millions of dollars to get to a certain level of fitness. He also has been training in the gym for decades, knows how much his body can take, and is surrounded by physiotherapists and doctors who will guide him through the process at all times.

Dr Mike Molloy, founder of the nutrition coaching company M2 Performance Nutrition, also likes to remind people that it is dangerous to use the best people on the planet, who often also have the best genetics, as an example for the rest of us.

In the end, eating properly, staying in a calorie deficit (if you want to lose weight), and training consistently will get the results you want. The problem is that it will take longer than you probably hope.

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