Why Fans Are Feeling Super Emotional About ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg’s Instagram

  • Donnie Wahlberg is known for being close to his fans.
  • In honor of the new year, he shared a message of love and well-being, which really resonated with his fans.

      Blue blood star Donnie Wahlberg looks forward to all that is to come in the new year – including seeing his fans.

      The New Kids on the Block singer took to Instagram this New Year’s Eve to give his followers good wishes and let them know how much he misses meeting them in person. “Dearest Blockheads, I pray for all of you, and your friends and families, to have the most wonderful New Years,” Donnie captioned an Instagram photo of himself watching the sunset while flying somewhere. “I miss you terribly, but I trust that we will be together again soon. “Till then, my heart is always with you.”

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      Donnie isn’t alone in thinking about time apart, though. His fans waver just as much.

      “My prayers for the coming year for you are love, peace, healing, happiness, confetti and so much bra love❤️🥰 You have our hearts too! I love you,” one fan commented on his post. “I wish you and your family the same! ❤️ I miss you and am so very grateful to have been able to see you this year. ☺️ We WILL be together soon,” exclaimed another fan.

      Like many entertainers, Donnie and the other NKOTB members have had to cut back on interacting with fans in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. And with the Omicron variant spreading at unprecedented rates, it’s hard to tell when life will truly return to normal, especially from the perspective of the mass entertainment space. Until then, Donnie maintains an optimistic attitude of undying love, which he readily spreads on his social media pages.

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