Why diet sodas are bad for you, not the answer to rapid weight loss

Lately, I’ve been focusing on good carbs versus bad carbs, and the bad carb champion is soft drinks.

A typical 12-ounce cola contains about 10 teaspoons of sugar, which exceeds the full daily sugar intake of a healthy diet. That’s bad news, of course, so why do so many Americans continue to indulge in the health-destroying habit of consuming trash colas like they’re old-fashioned?

One possible answer, according to some experts, is that sugar is addictive, psychologically and perhaps physiologically, and the more sugar you consume, especially in large amounts all at once as is the case with soft drinks, the greater the power of the addiction. Another explanation is that people are unaware of the negative health impact because they have consumed colas their entire lives and have yet to pay the price.

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