Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck reportedly haven’t spoken after intense abortion row

The latest gossip from the world of View is that Whoopi Goldberg isn’t talking to Elisabeth Hasselbeck backstage.

As fans know, politics plays a big role in View, and according to Radar Online, Goldberg’s liberal leanings clash with Hasselbeck’s increasingly far-right views. Radar reports that tension escalated after Wednesday’s episode, which touched on abortion rights.

Goldberg, a staunch proponent of abortion rights, reiterated her stance on the right to choose, while Hasselbeck said she believes God has a purpose for life, regardless of how it was created. .

But what really upset Goldberg, according to the outlet, was that Hasselbeck cut her off to further express her opinions. Hasselbeck also made a remark about not wanting to agree with Goldberg, further showing his insistence on ideological behavior.

Apparently, the two stopped talking to each other during the commercial break, as reported by Radar on the gossip Instagram account Deuxmoi. Apparently they were the only hosts that didn’t interact with each other.

He’s not far from believing that could have happened, since Hasselbeck’s tenure on “The View” has become increasingly controversial over the years.

However, View The producers intended to accommodate dissent and controversy by hiring Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former member of the Trump administration, to become one of the show’s permanent co-hosts. She and Ana Navarro (also now a permanent member of the team) will fill the position vacated by another of The View’s controversial hosts, Meghan McCain.

As Shadow and Act Unscripted have repeatedly reported, the show’s fans wish the producers didn’t fill vacancies or show segments with animosity and dangerous political views, like what the fans were aware at the height of the coronavirus misinformation campaign.

Many fans, in fact, wrote on social media that they were ready to boycott to prevent Farah Griffin from being hired. Others said that since she was hired, they will refuse to support the show.

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