What to buy in January: Consumer Reports reveals deals on fitness items such as ellipticals and treadmills

The holidays are now over, so you — and your bank account — might want a break from all the shopping.

But if you’ve made some New Year’s resolutions to get back in shape, the experts at Consumer Reports say there are some products with deals in January that might help you reach your goal.

Consumer Reports tracks prices for many of its top-tested products all year long, so it knows exactly when to shop for them.

Here are some of the best products to look for in this month’s Best Time to Buy.

Even though there may not be many big sales this month, you can still find great value for some products.

Things like exercise machines and treadmills — if you’re looking to start a home gym — can be worth more than $4,000. However, there are some great options that cost less.

The Horizon 7.0 AT treadmill is a Consumer Reports “best buy” and is priced at $999 at Horizon Fitness.

Consumer Reports says that some high-end ellipticals can cost more than $2,500, but you can get a good machine for less than half that price.

The Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical Shoe is $999 at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

If you’re considering buying a fitness tracker to help reach the goals you’ve set, there are plenty of options on the market to suit every need and every budget.

Some have great features like sleep tracking, while others are more simple as it can count your steps and give you just the right amount of other data.

The Garmin Forerunner 35 fitness tracker is another “CR Best Buy.”

It’s $120 at Walmart, ace most Consumer Reports tests, and has a claimed battery life of nine days.

Now, whether you’re buying a new TV or want to improve your sound, soundbars make a great upgrade.

Consumer Reports found that the Sonos Beam speaker is on sale for $350 at Best Buy.

Sonos products rarely sell, and that’s $30 better than their Black Friday sale price, according to Consumer Reports.

Don’t forget the gift cards you may have received on holidays. Experts say it’s always a good idea to use it before you forget, and using it to reach your health goals gets you one step closer.

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