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On April 6, 2022, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, The Conqueror launched a brand new Lord of the Rings virtual fitness challenge. And if you’re searching for a way to get more Lord of the Rings fun while also getting healthier (or you just need a change to your normal fitness routine!), this could be the perfect fit.

The Conqueror Challenges are a series of virtual fitness events that anyone can participate in anywhere at any time. Furthermore, these challenges are designed to motivate individuals to get active, whether it be running, cycling, walking, swimming, etc. Typically, users complete equivalent distances of famous routes and trails across the world. In addition to this, users can expect to collect medals and connect with a whole global fitness community.

Meanwhile, The Lord of the Rings (LOTR) is a series of high fantasy films directed by Peter Jackson and based on JRR Tolkien’s trilogy of the same name. These films largely center on a long, dangerous physical journey, undertaken by Frodo Baggins (Elijah Wood), Samwise Gamgee (Sean Astin), and the rest of the Fellowship. They must travel to Mordor to destroy the One Ring in Mount Doom, lest Sauron reclaims it. Their journey takes them through the Shire to towns overrun by Orcs, to the haunting realm of Mordor. Now, fans of the LOTR franchise have the opportunity to join Sam and Frodo on this journey.

What is The Conqueror‘s LOTR Fitness Challenge?

The Conqueror’s LOTR virtual fitness challenge, is a series of five consecutive virtual challenges, all inspired by the Lord of the Rings. The five challenges include The Shire, The Fellowship, Mines of Moria, The Eye of Sauron, and Mordor. Each consists of varying distances that must be completed by walking, biking, cycling, or swimming. Since one cannot simply walk into Mordor, participants must brave each challenge and successfully complete it, before they can proceed to the next one.

However, there are plenty of surprises along the way to keep participants motivated. As participants reach certain milestones, they will unlock special postcards and stories that correspond to locations that Sam and Frodo traveled to. Meanwhile, The Conqueror has also designed a custom-made map of Middle-earth. Every time a participant completes another workout, they can physically track their progress to Mordor on the map.

Furthermore, participants will be awarded a special Lord of the Rings– inspired medal with the completion of each challenge. Upon completion of The Shire, participants will receive both a medal and a beautifully designed One Ring. The ring is specially designed to fit into the Mordor medal, hence, participants will round off their journey by destroying the ring in Mordor.

The Conqueror‘s 5 challenges

Participants kick off the LOTR virtual fitness challenge with The Shire. This challenge will take participants on the 145 mi/233km route that Sam and Frodo take as they flee the Shire. Once they progress to The Fellowship, they will have the option of two routes – 98 mi/157km (recommended for walking/running) or 680 mi/1094km (recommended for cycling). The Mines of Moria will see participants brave the Orc-overrun city for 40 mi/64 km. Meanwhile, The Eye of Sauron will see participants guided by Gollum for the 95 mi/153km route, or the 668 mi/1075km route, to Mordor. Finally, participants will complete a 282 mi/454km trek across the wasteland of Mordor.

Upon completion of each challenge, the corresponding medal will be mailed out. By the end of the event, participants will have five beautiful medals each inspired by the five routes.

How to participate in The Conqueror‘s LOTR Virtual Fitness Challenge

Attendees interested in The Conqueror‘s LOTR virtual fitness challenge can sign up via the challenge’s landing page. Furthermore, they will have a choice to sign up for one individual challenge for $49.99 or for all 5 challenges at $199.99. Once participants have signed up, they can access the challenge through “The Conqueror Challenges” app. Additionally, participants can choose to complete the solo challenges or they can form a fellowship of unlimited members to help each other stay motivated.

Meanwhile, once you are signed up, you complete the challenge in your own time, choosing exactly how many weeks or months you need to complete the event. However, it is a limited-edition event and the challenges are only available to sign up for a specific amount of time. Hence, participants who are interested should start their journey to Mordor sooner than later.

(via: The Conqueror, featured image: New Line Cinema)

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