Wet Leg Play Isle Of Wight Homecoming Show On A Porch: Watch

Wet Leg, the buzziest buzz band that’s come along in years, have a fun and eminently repeatable origin story. Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers, two friends from the UK’s remote Isle Of Wight, decided to start a band together while riding a ferris wheel at a music festival, and they named that band after an Isle Of Wight slang term for people from the British mainland . For the past year, Wet Leg have been taking the world by storm, and they just finally released their worth-the-wait self-titled debut. Sometime in there, Wet Leg carved out a moment to return to the Isle Of Wight and to film themselves playing live on a porch.

Wet Leg just shared the video of that 15-minute porch performance, and it sure seems like they made that without any audience whatsoever. The porch itself looks really nice, but the video, directed by Joey Julliard, goes for the intentionally-grainy look. Even without an audience, Wet Leg really show their massive charm in this video. There are all these great little holy-shit-we’re-doing-this eye-contact moments between Teasdale and Chambers, and the songs continue to slap. Watch the set below.

Wet Leg is out now on Domino.

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