‘Westworld’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 7 – William Kills [Spoiler] and…

The penultimate episode of Westworld Season 4 was a doozyjam-packed with high stakes, shocking fates and Man in Black level savagery we haven’t seen since Season 2.

The episode “Metatonia” (which can mean “change of mind”, indeed) opens with Bernard and Maeve arriving at the Hoover Dam. (We haven’t seen the iconic structure since the season premiere and we were starting to wonder if it would play at all this season). Bernard explains that because the facility can “house infinity,” Dolores needed it (and now Hale owns it). Specifically, the massive data vault is a doorway to the Sublime. He says Hale can’t open the door without the key, which he immediately confirms is him. Spinning, Bernard asks Maeve if sherry is still her drink of choice. She initially resists before realizing that Bernard knows this isn’t their only chance to open the Sublime.

Bernard tells him that he is tired. He laments the grim outcome that awaits them, frustrated that he cannot change it. He tells her that they can escape into the Sublime, that the extinction of hosts and humans must not include them. Maeve, suddenly hopeful, realizes what this means to her and orders her to do it. Bernard refuses and tells him it’s more important to stay and fight. A massive mechanical arm crashes through the high windows around them and the scene shifts back to Bernard sitting with Akecheta.

“Do you understand now where all this leads? Akecheta asks. Bernard says yes and he sees where it all ends.

Wasting no time on the Bernard/Maeve front, “Metatonia” quickly reveals what’s really going on – and where they really are. They are themselves in the Sublime, watching different outcomes unfold before a huge machine attacks and kills them. The next time, Maeve kills the attacking machine, after which Bernard tells her that they must reach Hale’s Tower if they want to save the world. Maeve joins him on one condition: that he reunites her with his daughter when it’s all over.

Meanwhile, Christina wakes up with Teddy sitting at the foot of her bed. She expresses confusion and remorse, unable to understand why she would create such a hellish existence for so many people. Teddy explains that she has many facets and that Hale is one of them. Christina leaves the room and attempts to drown in her tub. Not only does it not die, but it comes out of the water… different.

WestworldBack at Caleb’s prison, Hale and William watch their scruffy science experiment in amusement. Hale then tells Caleb that she is shutting down towns and putting people “in cold storage”. She puts her whole evil plan on the table: use it to lure the rebels there so she can smother them all at once. William listens nearby, visibly troubled….

Things escalate quickly from there. Frankie, Stubbs and the surviving rebels find Bernard and Maeve near New York. Bernard says goodbye to Stubbs, who he believes will not survive the upcoming battle. Stubbs hugs him and tells him to win.

Hale sends the world a cryptic message explaining that she and her kind are leaving humans behind. (“Evolving,” she says.) Simultaneously, William’s copy visits the original again. Host-William asks OG William what he would do. William simply repeats the question to his copy, telling him that it doesn’t matter which of them beats Hale, because they’re the same. William’s copy then stabs the imprisoned original in the chest and leaves. We’d say OG William is dead (because he’s definitely looks dead) but we know not to rely too much on Westworld– related observation or theory.

Christina TeddyChristina asks Teddy what Dolores looked like, and he tells her that while Dolores was nice, she could also be cruel. The world was cruel to her and she had outgrown the stories she interpreted for others. Together, Teddy and Christina take Olympiad Entertainment by storm. By “storm,” we mean Christina politely orders an employee to sound the fire alarm. She then orders everyone in the building except the writers to leave. She asks the writers to destroy their stories, then she descends to the lower level of the Olympiad. There, she discovers Caleb and has him released.

Frankie and Stubbs also infiltrate Olympiad and discover William’s (?) human corpse. Frankie insists they try to help her, but Stubbs, recognizing William, says whoever did this did them a favor. Moments later, Caleb attacks them both and pins Frankie against his glass cell. She tells him who she is, which further irritates him. She quickly remembers times only she could have known, and Caleb tearfully realizes who she is.

Meanwhile, Maeve and Bernard approach the tower. On the way up, Bernard reveals that there is no way to win but he needs her help anyway. She passes him, his inscrutable expression.

Let’s begin this next passage by saying that the next few minutes of Westworld pack in some of the show’s most suspenseful best moments. On your marks, ready? Go !

Westworld Maeve HaleMaeve confronts Hale mid-transcendence, leading to a brutal fight, the one that crashes them both through a window and continues into the water feature outside the plaza. Before either can deliver the finishing blow, William appears out of nowhere to shoot Maeve in the head, before murdering Hale as well. He leaves their bodies in the pools surrounding the tower.

William then intercepts Bernard, who records what appears to be instructions on his tablet. William shoots him too. As Bernard bleeds, scenes from his conversation with Akecheta reveal that he never expected to survive the war. (“There is no scenario in which I survive.”) William shoots him third time, after which Bernard seems to vanish into the Sublime. William then uses control of the tower to override Christina’s influence and make everyone in town kill each other. This means that every major character is now in immediate danger.

As Caleb, Frankie, and Stubbs attempt to escape, a rioter shoots Frankie, non-lethally. The three run away, but barely. In another part of town, Teddy explains to a bewildered and desperate Christina to intervene that people can’t see her because… she’s not real. Dun-dun-dunnnn!

“Metatonia” ends with the triumphant copy of William donning his signature shoot-’em-up outfit and walking away from the tower, as it explodes.

What happens next is really anyone’s guess. But that’s what the Comments section is for! Share your reactions to “Metatonia” and your predictions for next week’s finale!

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