Wellness businesses offer services for mind, body and soul

desert mountain From going to the gym to losing weight and eating better, the new year offers a new opportunity to examine healthy habits.

To provide assistance throughout the trip, local wellness companies spoke to islanders about their services and ways to turn those New Year’s resolutions into healthy lifestyle choices.

Bar Harbor’s Tree of Life Day Spa, which includes Salon NaturELLES, introduces new services that include eyelash extensions, micro-tingling and other healing practices, including cupping – suction created on the skin using heated cups.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the spa has suspended practices that included close contact with clients, such as facials, but those offerings are now back.

“Color extensions, cuts, makeup, and lashes help to bring out your best face during this whole crisis,” said Philip Payne, director of the day spa.

The day spa’s sister company, Acadia School of Massage, will also offer one-hour massages on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays by students at a reduced rate from February to April.

“Our services provide stress and anxiety reduction, which helps improve your well-being,” Payne said. “We’ve all been through a lot over the past couple of years, so it’s a great way to recharge and improve things a little bit.”

Tree of Life Day Resort is not the only local business offering new wellness services. The destination’s wellness owner, Sheridi Olson, said the downtown Bar Harbor facility offers new nutrition programs, facials and retreats designed specifically to promote a healthy lifestyle. Destination Health operates the Claremont Hotel’s Botanica Spa in Southwest Harbor and has plans to operate wellness services at the Bayview Hotel in Bar Harbor.

Yellow House Inn Bed and Breakfast is another facility that hosts spa resorts. Well + Wander Retreats co-owner Jenna Young hopes the new Bar Harbor bed and breakfast experience will give people a chance to focus on their minds and bodies.

“It pays to make time for yourself; to take things a little deeper than if you were sitting by the pool at the resort,” Young said. Relaxing experiences at The Well + Wander Retreat offer mindfulness walking tours, meditation and yoga classes.

Last year, Brett Hulbert also started a full-time yoga service by starting her company BH Yoga Dog Studio. Aside from teaching yoga through her online studio, Hulbert says she’s been busier than ever doing personal training and personal training classes at the Mount Desert Island YMCA. She said her clients still wear masks while exercising in person.

“Yoga is for everyone and the word yoga is a huge rainbow for so many things. Mindfulness really is yoga. Your life will get better,” she said.

Linda Homer, owner of Downeast Pilates, of Southwest Harbor, teaches almost all Pilates lessons. “It shows the brain how to move your body in a smart, efficient and effective way,” Homer said of her lessons. Since most of her classes now take place through Zoom, Homer guides clients in getting the correct posture to do the exercises before guiding them through movements that engage all of their muscles.

In addition to retreats and wellness services, Jen Harry offers meditation classes with her work, Acadia Mindfulness Adventures.

“It’s a great COVID-safe resource for both our community and visitors, and it’s important to be known to people who come to the island looking for things to do,” she said.

The outdoor experience consists of an initial discussion about mindfulness, mindfulness walking, eating and a mindfulness visit to the ocean where Harry teaches clients to use all five senses to stay engaged in mindfulness practices. She plans to end the adventure with a discussion of how people can use mindfulness practices in their daily lives.

Editor’s note: Philip Payne is the husband of a Mount Desert Islander employee.

Wellness Providers

(Although there is no complete list of area providers, contact information for those included in this story is provided below.)

Tree of Life Day Spa includes a Naturelles salon

108 Cottage Street, Bar Harbor

(207) 288-5551


Acadia Massage School

108 Cottage Street, Bar Harbor

(207) 288-8222


destination health

124 Cottage Street, Bar Harbor

(207) 288-3121


Yellow House Inn Bed & Breakfast’s Well + Wander Retreats

5 The Field, Bar Harbor

(207) 288-5100


BH Yoga Dog Studio

15 Deer Run, Bar Harbor

(207) 266-6256


Down East Pilates

101 Main Street, Southwest Harbor

(207) 229-3732


Acadia Awakening Adventures

(207) 801-1107


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