Weight loss: A nutritionist shares four common drinks to avoid when dieting

“Some smoothies can be extremely nutritious, with lots of nutrients from fruits, nuts, nut butters and seeds…however, even though they are nutrient dense, the calories, carbs and fat can really build up and hamper an individual’s ability to lose weight.

“However, a smoothie with a controlled portion of fiber-rich fruit, protein, and a small portion of healthy fats (e.g. chia seeds or a handful of nuts) can be a very balanced snack or breakfast option. and favorable to weight loss.

Rachel also commented on diet drinks: “Diet drinks can be a good alternative for people who consume large amounts of sugary drinks (eg soft drinks) and wish to slowly reduce their consumption.

“However, diet drinks are sweetened with certain artificial sweeteners that may be harmful to long-term gut health, so excessive consumption of diet drinks would not be recommended.”

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