Watch Pro-Shot Video of ANN WILSON performing HEART’s “Barracuda” at this year’s WACKEN OPEN AIR Festival

Video filmed by professionals HEART singer Anne Wilson performing the band’s classic song “Barracuda” earlier today (Saturday 6 August) at outdoor wacken festival in Wacken, Germany can be seen below.

In a recent interview with, Anna she was asked if she and her sister and HEART group mate Nancy have plans for the group to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. She replied, “Yes, we do. I’m not free to say exactly what they are yet because it’s so early, but of course. It will be next year. And we’re doing something. Certainly. We’re still formulating it now.”

AnnaLatest comments from Nancy. In an interview in the 300th issue of Classic Rock, Anna said she didn’t “quarrel” with her younger sister. “It’s a myth,” she insisted. “Nancy and I’m good with each other. We just have different ideas about what HEART should be, and we haven’t found a compromise yet.

“Fifty years later, I still want him to break barriers and rules, and she’s happier riding LA imagery and doing legacy stuff,” Anna Explain. “So it’s a real separation between us. Things like that will happen, but then they’ll get better, and we’ll love each other more.”

Relations between the two sisters were believed to be at an all-time low after a high-profile incident when AnnaThe husband of was arrested during a HEART tour in 2016. But in a recent interview with Rock Candy magazine to coincide with the release of his new solo album, “Fierce Happiness”, Anna said: “Things happen in families. And that was a really good example of something that happened in a family, and we solved it. But the part that made the hard things is that it happened in the public eye , we would have had the family in a room and we would have sat down and we would have got along. Instead the police were called, and that myth was born that Nancy and I was arguing, and we were at each other’s throats all the time. And it really isn’t that at all.”

A proposal HEART The tour fell through last year after the two sisters failed to agree on which backing band to use. Anna wanted his guys, Nancy doesn’t. But Anna now say that another HEART album, which would be the band’s first since 2016 “Broken Beauty”is a definite possibility, especially considering that 2023 marks HEART50th anniversary.

“It depends on the songs,” she says in her rock candy interview. “Songs drive everything. And I’m writing songs again now. I don’t know if they’ll be for my solo thing or for HEART. But yes, I would like to do another one HEART album.”

Anna previously said that HEART will turn 50 in 2023 “because next year is the 50th [anniversary] from when we got together and started,” she said. Liz Barnes of planet rockit is “My planet is rocking”. “Nancy didn’t join until 1975, but the band started in 1973. So yeah, we’ve got a lot of stuff planned for next year. So I can definitely see HEART do something.”

Six months ago, Nancy spoke to Joe Rock from Long Island, New York radio station 102.3 WBAB explains why HEART has been inactive for most of the past three years.

HEART had a big offer on the table last year for a bigger tour, but Anna wasn’t interested in dating my group of guys that we had dated before,” she said. “She has a new group of guys she wanted me to join. And I kind of [thought] I don’t really know them and I don’t have any loyalty for someone like that yet.”

HEART toured North America in the summer of 2019 following the aforementioned nasty split that kept the Wilson sisters separated for three years.

Anna and Nancy quarreled during HEARTof the 2016 tour, when Annathe husband of Dean Welter was arrested for assault Nancy‘s twin sons, then 16, during a backstage altercation at a concert near their hometown of Seattle. He pleaded guilty to two charges of less aggravated assault to avoid jail time.

After completing HEART2016 tour, Nancy formed a new group called ROADCASE ROYAL and released an album, “First of all”. ROADCASE ROYAL featured three members of HEART in the same way Liv Warfield of Princeit is NEW GENERATION OF ENERGY band and its guitarist Ryan Wilson.

In Nancythe new group THE HEART OF NANCY WILSONshe is joined in the group by her longtime collaborators, the guitarist Ryan Watersdrummer Ben Smithbass player Andy Stoler and keyboardist Dan Walkerwith the mighty singer Kimberly Nichole.

Nancythe first solo album of, “You and me”was released in May 2021 via keep the music going. The LP was recorded primarily in his California home studio, working remotely with band members and special guests.

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