Vote of confidence in Boris Johnson is a matter of ‘when not if’, senior Tory MP warns

JObias Ellwood, the Tory chairman of the Defense Select Committee, told the BBC that the war in Ukraine should not be used as a “fig leaf” when discussing whether to oust Boris Johnson.

Some MPs have opposed a change of leader now due to the ongoing Russian invasion.

But Mr Ellwood said: ‘Let’s just keep that Ukrainian fig leaf, because the capability offered to any Prime Minister, the MOD machine of options, risk assessments, recommendations, will remain the same.

“We actually changed the head of the Armed Forces… last December when there was a build up, we knew an invasion was coming.

“We can do it simply because we have a very professional advice machine, Rolls Royce, which supports the National Security Council and in fact any prime minister at the time.”

He reiterated his call for Mr Johnson to ‘come up with his own timetable’ to put to a vote of confidence.

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