Valley School District leaders prepare mental health response plans for next school year

Now that the students are out for the summer, district administrators are using the break to prepare for the next school year.

One way is to ensure that students have mental and behavioral support when they return.

“Things have changed, and now our trainings are more about trauma and how trauma affects the brain and how that in turn affects learning,” said Leila Flores-Torres, director of special education. of Sharyland ISD.

Rising mental health cases among young people have become a major concern for communities everywhere, including the Valley.

“They’re pretty much confused with everything that’s going on,” Valley’s mother Zandra Garcia said. “Especially having spent an entire year without going to school.”

Survey data shows that of 2,000 American parents, 68% have seen their children face significant mental and emotional challenges.

Watch the video above for the full report.

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