Under the tents 2022: Val Hochberg, Nan Hockin, Kevin Workman Foundation, Patrick Ballesteros

San Diego Comic-Con is next week. Yes, we said it; it’s really happening. While we wait for this metaphorical pot to boil, we have some amazing SDCC news from the likes of Nan Hockin, the Geeky Hooker, Patrick Ballesteros and more. This edition of Under the Tents is packed full of artwork, exclusives, and other exciting announcements.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • A happy surprise! Artist Nan Hockin found some extra stickers, so she’s making $5 purses for San Diego Comic-Con.
  • Akane’s Chibi Art may have been a late addition to Artists Alley, but they’re bringing their A-game with this adorable star wars sticker that will be available on their stand.

  • The Midnight Dogs gave a first look at the first of their six new pins debuting at San Diego Comic-Con, at Small Press #D-05. This first piece is (Lady) Liberty Avenger, a 3D enamel pin. Also at #D-05 you’ll find Sam Grinberg and Scattered Brain.
  • Are you afraid of things that jostle (and meow) in the night? Artist Jeff Granito, best known for his tiki and Disney artwork, showed off a new Halloween-inspired artwork titled ‘Cautionary Catwalk’ – which will be available at his booth #4823.
  • Does the artist Patrick Ballesteros sometimes sleep? We think not. And it’s done it again, with new mini-Originals featuring some of our favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away. The original Ballesteros minis will be available each con morning, with the exact release schedule still to be determined. They’re one-of-a-kind original works of art, so once they’re gone…they’re gone.
  • Sometimes old news is new again! 2.5 years later, the Kevin Workman Foundation is thrilled to (re)announce its sponsored artist for San Diego Comic-Con 2020 2022: Daniel Ibanez. You can stop by Booth #934 all week to meet Ibanez, take a look at their work, and learn more about the Kevin Workman Foundation.
  • Artist Liana Hee has unveiled a new mini-painting for San Diego Comic-Con, featuring Captain Marvel taking flight. You can purchase the original or a limited edition at booth #4615.
  • Tony Guaraldi-Brown gave a first glimpse to his new Hardrion and Elliot book, which will be available at the convention at Artists Alley #DD-07. Guaraldi-Brown will also sign and draw copies of his new graphic novel.
  • Are you subscribed to ELITE level status on the collaboration of Jim Palmiotti and Amanda Conner Zestworld? If so, you can expect a special “members only” event at SDCC this year.
  • Archie Comic book writer Ruben Najera Jr. is making an appearance at the convention in 2022, and San Diego Comic-Con is. Look for him signing at AA17 in the Sails Pavilion.
  • Time to dust off the can of Aqua Clean and those acid wash jeans. DCD Collects takes us back to the 90s at booth #1815 with iconic comics from those years as well as 90s-themed covers designed by Manhua Studios.
  • Thor and Stormbreaker make a great couple, don’t you think? You can take this print of the god of thunder and his main pressure (Mjolnir is so yesterday) at Naoko Mullally’s booth #5550 on the showroom floor.
  • We’re not one to overlook tradition, and crochet has become a staple in our Under the tents posts. The Geek Hooker is maintain one’s own tradition to bring down a Superman creature at San Diego Comic-Con.

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