Travelers from New York and New Jersey will soon need a REAL ID to board a plane for domestic travel, deadline May 2023

If you are a resident of New York or New Jersey and have been putting off getting a REAL ID, now is a good time to update your license.

Travelers leaving either state will need a REAL ID to travel within the country in just one year.

The REAL ID Act of 2005 set a May 2023 deadline for all travelers to transition to federally approved driver’s licenses.

“REAL ID is a coordinated federal effort to improve the reliability and accuracy of driver’s licenses and ID cards,” said Robert Duffy, TSA’s Director of Federal Security for LaGuardia Airport.

Duffy said the enhancements are intended to help the TSA prevent terrorists from using fake IDs.

A New Jersey REAL ID driver’s license is identified by a small star in the upper right corner, while the New York ID has a star in a black circle in the same corner.

“Travelers are not required to obtain a REAL state-issued ID, however, as of May 2023, if you typically use your driver’s license or non-driver ID card to travel to the United States United, you’ll probably want a REAL ID,” said Thomas Carter. , director of federal security for the TSA for New Jersey.

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In New Jersey, the REAL ID costs $35 while a standard license costs $24.

New York State residents have the option of getting a REAL ID or an Enhanced ID.

The REAL ID is sufficient for domestic travel without a passport, but the Enhanced ID Card can be used instead of a passport for travel to Canada, Mexico and some Caribbean countries.

A REAL ID costs no more than a standard ID in New York, but those looking for an upgraded ID will pay $30 more.

While it is not necessary for travelers to upgrade to a REAL ID if they do not have one, they will need a passport or other federally approved ID to travel to inside the country.

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