Trash pick up in NYC delayed during storm

NEW YORK — During winter storms, sanitation crews are busy clearing roads and clearing snow.

That is why waste collection and recycling are often delayed in bad weather.

The multiple piles scattered across New York City are reminiscent of the roadside garbage collection debate.

The city of New York is working on a pilot program in a number of business districts, where large bins would be set up to store waste.

Some neighbors hope the test goes a step further and includes residential areas.

Christine Berthet founded the Chelsea-Hells Kitchen Coalition for Pestrian Safety. Her mission has been to keep sidewalks clear.

“We’re really putting out a buffet for the rats, that’s what we do,” she said.

NYC Councilman Erik Bottcher has made quality of life and sanitation top priorities as he begins serving.

“We need to produce less waste, recycle and reuse more, consume less. New Yorkers are producing more waste than ever,” he said.

The department has started testing waste bins. However, they are not installed yet. He wants to expand the program.

“We are committed to exploring innovative new approaches to waste storage, staking and collection as a way to prevent pests and increase waste value,” said an assistant commissioner.

DSNY collects 12,000 tons of waste every day and is recycled in the five boroughs.

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