Top rated face masks for your winter workouts as the number of COVID-19 cases increases

Practice face masks being worn
A good face mask before exercise will allow you to breathe easily, even if it is tight and snug around your face and mouth.

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In the light of the increase in COVID-19 cases across the country because of the emergence of the Omicron variant, it’s time for everyone to improve their mask game. If you plan on going to your local gym, training class, or just continuing your workout in a public place for the next several months, a breathable yet protective face mask is key.

The best face masks for exercise do not stick to your nose or mouth and keep moisture to a minimum. If you’re looking for an exercise mask to wear to the gym, you’ll want one that meets all the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The correct mask should completely cover your nose and mouth, fit snugly on the sides of your face with no gaps, and have a nose wire for a perfect fit around the bridge of the nose. Look for masks with multiple layers of washable, breathable fabric.

Today, the best protection comes from N95 and KN95 masks. They provide the most protection when worn properly, but they can be a pain to wear comfortably during exercise. Still, N95 or KN95 masks are a great option for other activities that require you to wear a mask. (Check this out for more mask options face masks for everyday use.)

Double masking is another great way to increase your protection with masks you may already have on hand. Simply layer a cloth face mask, such as one of the worthwhile exercises on this list, on top of a disposable surgical mask. Reusable cloth masks with a replaceable filter bag are another great option for protecting yourself without sacrificing too much comfort.

Some ventilated face masks, also known as altitude training masks, are advertised for exercising. But these masks are designed to train you for optimal breathing, not protection against COVID-19 – they allow virus particles to escape.

Below are some of the best face masks for working out, from Airinum, Athleta, Oura, Under Armor and more, all of which are breathable yet offer varying levels of protection against the virus.

Oura active mask



This popular face mask from Oura offers multiple levels of protection. The moisture-wicking fabric is embedded with silver oxide and titanium oxide, materials that are odor resistant and have antibacterial and virus inactivating properties. The Oura Active Mask has a four-layer construction and includes a pocket for a replaceable N95 filter. Each purchase of Active Mask comes with 30 pieces of Active Tape to better secure your mask to your face during exercise.

Oura Active Mask, $55 (reduced from $65)

Airinum Lite Air Mask

Airinum Lite Air Mask


For a lighter option that works best for lower risk settings, Airinum’s Lite Air Mask is made with a lightweight 3D air mesh material, has elasticated ear loops, a detachable head clip and a bendable memory foam nose bridge for a custom fit. and comfortable fit. This mask comes with three replaceable filters and the mask’s anti-microbial skin is washable, making it ideal for everyday use.

Airinum Lite Air Mask, $49

AirPop Active Reusable Face Mask

Best Buy

This AirPop face mask hugs the contours of your face but stays away from your nose and mouth for enhanced breathability. It provides 99.3% particle filtration and 99.9% bacterial filtration. It has a replaceable filter insert and adjustable ear loops.

AirPop Active Reusable Face Mask, $54 (reduced from $60)

Outdoor Research Adrenaline Sports Face Mask Kit

Outdoor Research Adrenaline Sport Face Mask Kit


This Outdoor Research four star face mask features adjustable ear loops and a nose wire. It is available in black or gray and has a moisture-wicking lining that has a cooling effect. The mesh material lifts the mask off the face and nose for better breathing. It also has replaceable filters. The material is resistant to microbes and germs.

Outdoor Research Adrenaline Sports Face Mask Kit, $15 (reduced from $29)

Borgasets Breathable Sports Face Masks

Borgasets Breathable Sports Face Mask


These affordable 4.3 star sports face masks available on Amazon come in a variety of colors. Choose from a two-pack, three-pack or five-pack. They are made from a quick-drying fabric, have adjustable ear loops and are designed with two layers of fabric. Lacking the advanced filtration of other masks on this list, these are best for low-risk situations, such as outdoor activities.

Borgasets Breathable Sports Face Mask (2 Pack), $13

Borgasets Breathable Sports Face Mask (Pack of 5), $20

Asics Runners Mask

Asics runners mask


This well-reviewed athletic face mask from Asics wraps around the back of your head so it doesn’t move as you run. It’s made of a quick-drying fabric and won’t get too close to your face, making it easier to breathe. It has an adjustable fit and a water-resistant exterior.

Asics Runners Mask, $40

Athleta Activate face mask (2 pieces)

Athleta Activate Face Mask


The reviewer-loved Athleta Activate reusable face masks come in a variety of colors. They mold around the nose and cheeks and have adjustable ear loops. They are made of a breathable fabric that dries quickly.

Athleta Activate Face Mask (2 Pack), $15

Blue Bear Protection sports mask

Blue Bear Protection sports mask


This cotton face mask features adjustable ear loops and a design that reduces trapped air through exhalation, making it ideal for exercise. It’s made with technology that keeps your mask smelling fresh. Find it in five colors on Amazon.

“I love that it’s adjustable, washable, and reusable,” says reviewer Jennifer. “Other masks didn’t fit well and gave me skin irritation, resulting in ‘maskne’ (acne from masks). This mask doesn’t irritate or bother my face like the other masks.”

Blue Bear Protection Sports Mask, $10 and up

Under Armor Sports Mask

Under Armor Sports Mask


This Under Armor face mask has a bendable nose piece and stretchy ear loops. The material prevents moisture build-up and has an antimicrobial treatment. Available in three sizes, this water-resistant mask provides space between the mask and your face for easier breathing during workouts.

Under Armor Sports Mask, $40

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