Top 10 Coolest Conservative Actors in Hollywood

Contrary to popular belief, Hollywood is full of conservatives, but the problem lies in who controls the operating booth. Clearly, the entire institution of Hollywood and celebrity culture is dominated by leftist voices, but that doesn’t mean conservative talent hasn’t had a chance to shine. In fact, some of the best and brightest conservative actors are still successful today.

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Being conservative isn’t a four-letter word, and in fact, it’s a really cool way to live your life. This is evidenced by the behavior and sympathy of Hollywood’s center-right voices, many of which were politically ambiguous (more or less) up to the point Donald Trump won the 2016 election. It’s hard to be conservative in Hollywood, but these actors do or did it in style.


Source: King’s Row / Frontiers of

Few presidents were as cool, charismatic and efficient as former actor-turned-politician Ronald Reagan. He was one of the first celebrities to successfully enter politics, securing the highest seat in the world. Under Reagan’s supervision, America was able to pull itself back from the brink of economic and social collapse wrought by his ousted predecessor Jimmy Carter.

Reagan hit the big screen in 1937, then starred in a series of films, including Love is on air, Dark Victory, and King’s Row. His 1980s presidential run focused on strong foreign policy and military deterrence, which were credited with helping to end the Cold War. It also ushered in a new era of economic prosperity for America following the disastrous policies of Paul Volcker and Jimmy Carter.


Source: Fear / The Departed, Blu-Ray

‘Marky Mark’ got his start as a rapper before moving on to film roles, beginning in 1993 The substitute. From there he worked his way up, starring in mega-hits like Three kings, the perfect stormand Ted, to name a few. He continues to be one of Hollywood’s hottest actors, with a huge following.

He is also quite conservative, despite his status as a registered Democrat. Wahlberg eschews much of today’s cultural leftism in favor of faith, family and traditional values, which helped him overcome a drug-addicted childhood that led to felony charges for several incidents at racial character. His brother Donnie is also quite conservative, but much more inclined to attack the hypocrisy of the left.


Source: Forrest Gump / Gary Sinise Foundation

This talented actor plays bad guys better than anyone in Hollywood, but he’s actually a great guy with conservative values. Gary Sinise has made a name for himself portraying iconic characters in movies like Apollo 13, Ransom, and of course, Lt. Dan in Tom Hanks’ classic comedy/drama Forrest Gump.

Behind the scenes, Sinise has been a strong advocate for veterans, defenders and first responders with his charity group The Gary Sinise Foundation. In 2005, he created Friends of Abe, a support group for conservatives working in Hollywood. He is an esteemed recipient of several awards and honors, including the Outstanding Civil Service Award.


Source: Dirty Harry/Million Dollar Baby, Blu-Ray

Although he considers himself a libertarian on social issues (especially homosexuality), iconic actor/director Clint Eastwood has always had conservative leanings. This was evident early in his career, particularly when he starred as Harry Callahan in dirty harry, a film about a disgruntled San Francisco cop trying to uphold the law as liberal left-wing crime reform policies began to creep into public life.

Eastwood has been a vocal critic of leftists, particularly in Hollywood, and has always done things on his own terms. He drew particular attention for his public shaming of former US President Barack Obama, calling it “the biggest hoax ever perpetrated against the American people”. Truer words have never been spoken.

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Source: The Mandalorian / Terror on the Prairie

Gina Carano has made headlines for standing up to the radical left establishment with a series of tweets, one of which correctly referenced the Holocaust and humanity’s unfortunate penchant for dehumanizing ideological opponents. . It ended up costing him a magnificent role in Disney’s The Mandalorian, which unleashed a massive counterculture tidal wave, putting a target in Disney’s forehead.

Since then, Carano has refused to back down and apologize for his conservative leanings, teaming up with The Daily Wire for a new film titled Terror in the meadow, set to debut in the summer of 2022. She continues to stand up for her principles in the face of zombie-like groupthink, becoming a hero for mainstream liberals and conservatives alike.


Source: Escape From New York / Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Blu-Ray

There’s a reason Kurt Russell is loved by conservative fans, and it goes far beyond his status as Hollywood’s coolest actor. Russell is a big believer in Second Amendment rights, free-market capitalism, and the American dream. He has nothing but great things to say about the Founding Fathers and their clever foresight regarding the trappings of trusting big government.

At the same time, Russell is politically shy about expressing his opinions openly and regularly turns down interviews and appearances on political shows. The man who starred in hits such as The Thing, New York Escape and (recently) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 knows a thing or two about celebrities who stay in their own lane.


Source: Crimson Tide/The Equalizer 2, Blu-Ray

While it might seem odd to portray Denzel Washington as a conservative, given his status as a card-carrying Democrat, two things can be true at once. Denzel has avoided virtually every political stance presented by the current left-wing establishment, especially within his own party, and so far has managed to evade cancellation, likely due to his iconic status as an actor. .

Nonetheless, Denzel is all for taking responsibility for his own actions, pursuing a meaningful education, supporting the U.S. military and its soldiers, and sticking to traditional conservative religious values. Technically, he doesn’t belong to his own party, and the jury is still out on whether this incredible actor will realize that his own side is at odds with his values ​​and beliefs.

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Source: Deliverance / Mission: Impossible, Blu-Ray

One of the great theater giants of the past few decades is undoubtedly master comedian Jon Voight, who made his mark in the 1970s with unforgettable hits like Issuance. He would enjoy continued success throughout his life with appearances in everything from Seinfeld, to the big screen adaptation of Impossible mission.

Voight could easily tap-dance between good guy and bad guy roles with ease, sometimes pounding it gloriously for the camera, as evidenced by his starring role in 1997’s Guilty Pleasure. Anaconda. He has been a staunch defender of conservative values, more so in recent years after the rise of the authoritarian left and Hollywood’s continued corrosion.


Source: Missing in Action / Walker: Texas Ranger, Blu-Ray

The man who can cut through a hot knife with butter had to be conservative; it was only natural. Chuck Norris has been entertaining audiences for decades at this point, throwing roundhouse kicks and knuckle sandwiches in hits such as Path of the Dragon, Missing in Action, The Octagon, and televisions Walker: Texas Ranger.

Over the years, Norris has donated to several Republican candidates, written conservative columns, and promoted a self-improvement mantra based on healthy traditional values. Despite his radical views and status as a Republican voter, Norris oddly refrained from running for president, a race he would win with or without his beard.


Source: Magnum, PI/Blue Bloods, Blu-Ray

It’s hard to match the charm and charisma of everyone’s favorite mustachioed celebrity, and Tom Selleck has been rocking it since the early ’80s. 80 to be reviewed endlessly Magnum PI, where he played Thomas Magnum, an immature and irresponsible private detective working on crazy cases in the blustery Hawaiian sun.

When Magnum’s race was over, Selleck branched out with amazing feature film roles in Quigley Down Under, three men and a baby, and an innocent man. He would find himself returning to TV land with guest appearances on shows like Friends and Boston Legal, before scoring the ultra-cool role of NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in the conservative crime drama Blue blood.

Selleck managed to evolve from cool guy of the 1980s to coolest grandpa, with continued grace. All of this, while battling criticism of his status as an NRA advocate and his conservative values. Yet he is widely seen as more centrist, having refused to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

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