Tickets on sale for the exhibition of all the books the producer of Ghibli has ever read, childhood room recreation

You want to produce great anime like Toshio Suzuki? Read more books.

Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki his dream was to one day collect all the books he had read and display them to the world. His dream comes true with the Toshio Suzuki and Ghibli Exhibition.

Although the exhibit opened April 23 in Kyoto, Ghibli fans in Tokyo will have to wait until summer to see the collection of over 8,800 books the anime veteran has read in his 73 years of life so far. Advance tickets have also gone on sale for the event race in Tokyo, as crowds are sure to flock to the event when it comes to Japan’s largest city.

▼ Books and no face? We’ll be there.

So what awaits you at the exhibition to make a pre-purchase of tickets worthwhile? A section is a recreation of Suzuki’s childhood bedroom, with a few embellishments and filled with his personal manga magazine collections that he has kept all his life. If you want the chance to travel back in time to the 1950s manga industry, this is your chance!

▼ Some Suzuki phrases are also exhibited throughout the exhibit.

While many fans are familiar with Ghibli’s music and animation directors, they might not realize the role Suzuki played in making the studio’s anime so memorable. For this reason, the exhibition also includes an aa “What exactly does Toshio Suzuki do? ” section this explains how vital it is to the creative process.

▼ This is also a legit art exhibit.

And the final room of the exhibit showcases the 8,800 books that enriched Suzuki’s life in a room inspired by his private refuge, Rengaya. When asked if he was embarrassed to reveal so much about himself by displaying all his books, he replied: “No, I want to show everyone the books I read to inspire them to read them. read more.”

Of course, the exhibit is also littered with Ghibli references. Although the books are the star of the show, these volumes have undoubtedly inspired some of the studio’s famous works. You’ll find Totoro, Yubaba, and other popular characters as you browse through the exhibit.

▼ This giant Yubaba head is only slightly intimidating.

The Kyoto exhibit continues at the Kyoto Museum until June 19, after which it takes a short break before opening in Tokyo on July 1 at Warehouse Terrada. For Kyoto tickets, if you book yours through Seven Tickets at Seven-Eleven Japan, you will have the option to purchase a ticket including a towel to wipe glasses which is only available in Kyoto for 2,200 yen each .

▼ Here is an overview of the glasses wiping cloth.

If you book through Lawson Tickets, you’ll also have the option of getting a ticket with konpeito sugar candies inspired by the Dust characters in Spirited Away or the sugar candies they like to eat. These tickets cost 2,800 yen each.

▼ Do you prefer colorful candies?

▼ Or those that look sooty?

And if you want to go to the Tokyo exhibition, you can pre-order tickets now at Lawson Tickets. Tokyo exhibition tickets will have an optional hand cloth inspired by public bath tickets in Taken away as if by magic. They will cost 2,600 yen each.

Source and images: PR Times, Toshio Suzuki and Ghibli exhibition homepage
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