Thor Rocks Stormbreaker & 80s Costume in neon lit love and thunder art

A piece of Thor: Love and Thunder fan art shows Chris Hemsworth’s new ’80s-inspired outfit, featuring Stormbreaker, in a neon-soaked poster.

Chris Hemsworth sports a new Ravager look while wielding Stormbreaker in an ’80s-inspired piece Thor: Love and Thunder fan art. The sequel to Taika Waititi Thor: Ragnarok is one of the most anticipated projects on the MCU’s upcoming slate, along with the recent Thor: Love and Thunder trailer debuting less than three months after the film’s release date. Waititi returns to write and direct, with Hemsworth becoming the first Marvel hero to receive a fourth film as he reprises his role as the god of thunder.

The movie’s trailer casts it as a personal story for Thor, who embarks on a journey of self-discovery that goes off the rails when Gorr the Butcher God seeks to kill every god in the universe. The Son of Odin will have to face this threat, joined by his friends, Valkyrie and Korg, as well as a brand new “Mighty Thor” – his ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, who wields a reassembled Mjolnir. Before that, however, the film will pick up events from Avengers: Endgamewhich saw Thor join forces with the Guardians of the Galaxy, under the command of Chris Pratt’s Star-Lord.


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Now, Instagram artist @spdrmnkyxxxiii is creating fan art that showcases Thor’s new outfit while allied with the Guardians of the Galaxy. As seen in the trailer and promotional material, this Thor: Love and Thunder The look is very much inspired by the usual Ravager style, with Thor dressed in a sleeveless red biker jacket and t-shirt. The look is completed with a sleek pair of goggles and her new weapon, Stormbreaker, which appears to have summoned the Bifrost, due to the markings on the ground and streaks of color in the air. Check it out below:

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It’s a visually striking piece that epitomizes the novelty of having Thor adopt the 80s aesthetic of Guardians of the Galaxy, which the movie is sure to play on. Indeed, the juxtaposition creates plenty of opportunities for comedy, as a character hailing from Old Norse mythology wears an outfit that’s centuries ahead of his traditional Asgardian garb. It plays a bit on what Waititi did with the character after taking the reins from former directors Kenneth Branagh and Alan Taylor. While Hemsworth’s Thor became a popular character, his solo films weren’t considered the star of the Marvel pantheon, as they attempted to fit his comics through a somewhat Shakespearian lens. While this was an admirable attempt, it’s clear that audiences turned more to the camper, Flash Gordon-esque take that Waititi brought to Ragnarok, arguably allowing Hemsworth to do his best job embracing his skills as a comedic performer.

From the trailer, it looks like the Guardians’ role in Thor: Love and Thunder may be limited to the first act, in a key action scene on a distant planet. The movie centers around Thor finding out who he really is, so it’s possible the first act will see him trying to fit in with the Guardians of the Galaxy, before coming to terms with the fact that they’re not family. to which he belongs. . If so, this new outfit isn’t just a fun and kitsch take on the MCU Thor costume, but also a somewhat sad indication of the former King of Asgard’s desperation to gain a sense of belonging. Either way, this fan art is a spectacular piece and could easily be featured on the cover of one of the classic ’80s tapes Star-Lord’s mom raised him on.

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Source: @spdrmnkyxxiii

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