This Toronto gym’s social media is all about their balls and people love them

The popularity of TikTok and the fame it has brought to ordinary people and businesses has made the platform a huge focus for marketing teams trying to get a taste of the virality it offers.

The hilarious strategy of a Toronto gym has given them a buzz reminiscent of the release of the full-length No Frills album and IHOP’s short life as IHOb, and it’s all about their balls.

Pursuit OCR has a range of different agility activities in its huge indoor obstacle course, but for whatever reason, the ball pit seems to pique people’s interest the most.

Besides the fact that ball pits are just a damn good, nostalgic time, people are curious about things behind the scenes like how the equipment is cleaned, especially during the pandemic.

So the staffers decided to put in some quirky and informative posts on the topic (like blogTO did when they visited the space in 2020) — and the allusions to the ball were a natural step from there.

When team member Darryl Linobo made content about the facility’s cleaning processes about a year ago, he started making a few bellow jokes that viewers found too funny not to share.

The puns, combined with the unique footage, resulted in hundreds of thousands of views on various posts and as much as 13.9 million on one viral video in particular, which was posted with the simple caption “#balls”.

“We try to make our content both informative and fun. It’s a good way to keep people’s attention when it comes to our safety practices, especially in these times,” Pursuit Marketing Manager Omii Thompson tells blogTO.

“We will definitely keep the same energy for all our content.”

As many have noticed, the staff have had a lot of fun with the voiceovers in all of their videos, with phrases like “How often do we sanitize our balls? Our balls are sanitized between each session, because nobody likes dirty balls.”

When talking about Pursuit’s ball cleaning machine in one post, Linobo explains, “It cleans all the balls in the ball pit and touches all the other balls in the facility.”

There’s also a gem about filling the pit with replacement balls, Linobo said, holding two clear garbage bags full of the orange plastic orbs: “When that’s all said and done, we’ll grab our new ball bags and fill our ball pit.” At one point, he also marvels: “Look at those clean balls!”

As Thompson points out, “People responded well to it and we got on with it. He’s really our version of David Attenborough.”

Well responded is an understatement: with so many views, likes and comments, TikTok of the brand has now collected 176,200 followers.

Hopefully for them this means business will thrive at their North Etobicoke location, which is home to Canada’s largest ball pit, when they can reopen and customers can come and enjoy their balls in person.


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