‘This is a book about healing’: Ginger Zee talks mental health in new memoir ‘A Little Closer to Home’

GRAND RAPIDS, me. (WOTV) – Ginger Sea is no stranger to West Michigan or all of America! She is the first female Chief Meteorologist for ABC News, a proud alumni of Storm Team 8, former Dancing with the stars participant, and a loving wife and mother-to name a few.

Despite her growing list of accolades and achievements, Ginger is just like the average person.

Behind the smile and cheerful personality that grace millions of television screens every weekday morning, she can relate to the growing number of Americans suffering from depression, attempted suicide, sexual assault, and abuse.

She reveals these heavy truths in her new memoir, “A little closer to home: how I found peace after the storm”, on sale from Tuesday 11 January.

“The great thing about sharing your story is that other people share it with you. It’s the most genuine, most genuine kind of connection I’ve been able to feel in my entire career and in my entire life, I think as far as a connection outside of people outside of your immediate environment,” she says.

Photo courtesy of Ginger Zee/Seale Ballenger.

In this follow-up memoir to her previous bestseller, “Natural Disaster,” Ginger takes readers on a much deeper journey of self-discovery.

“This is a book about healing. A deep healing in a woman who ended up in a psychiatric hospital ten years ago, but is now thriving and finding her identity,” reads the opening sentence.

In honor of her upcoming book launch and tour, WOTV reporter Morgan Poole caught up with Ginger in an exclusive interview.

Watch Ginger discuss her decision to write a second memoir, the positive life-affirming message she wants to convey to readers, and ways to reduce the stigma surrounding depression and mental illness in our country.

Watch the exclusive interview in the video player above!

“It’s not about, let me tell you my deepest, darkest secrets. This is about we’ve got them all, we’ll get them all, maybe you haven’t even gone through your major trauma yet, but maybe if you’re reading this book you might know what not to do or what to do a little bit by take something out of my story,” Ginger added.

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