This ingenious ashtray is a functional work of art designed to last a lifetime 

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For the modern cannabis user, the quest for the perfect smoking accessories seems endless. And as cannabis becomes more and more trendy, so does everything you use to smoke it. From lighters to pipes and beyond, smokers have options like never before. This includes ashtrays. Obviously, there is a wide variety available. But most were designed for people who smoke cigarettes, not cannabis. Because of this, these ashtrays look cool when empty, but as soon as you use them, they become a smelly eyesore. However, these issues are a thing of the past with The Ultimate Ashtray from Vessel Brands.

What elevates the ultimate ashtray is its one-of-a-kind three-piece design. Each layer provides a specific function designed to eliminate the negative aspects of smoking. It all starts with The Ash’s walnut lid. Not only does this lid open to reveal a beautiful concrete ashtray, it also traps odors, so low-temperature smokers never have to worry about someone dropping by unannounced. Simply place your joint inside the ashtray part, cover it with the walnut lid and no one will ever know you smoke. Plus, you never have to worry about this part of The Ash losing its shine because the design team has thought of everything. Thanks to its finish, you can crush hundreds of joints, and it will stay beautiful.

Next, you’ll find The Ash’s organizational storage unit under the concrete ashtray. Inside you can store all your favorite smoking accessories including rolling papers, filters, lighters, a small grinder or even a small container of your favorite flower.

Vessel Brands is best known for designing sleek and stylish smoking accessories for smokers who understand that smoking cannabis is an art form. Their mission is to become the world’s leading producer of technologies and accessories for cannabis consumers. That’s why their products are built better, designed smarter, and inspire optimism and happiness.
More importantly, Vessel Brands knows that there is no way to design the “perfect” product. But that doesn’t stop them from constantly innovating their designs and setting new industry standards. While perfection may be a myth, Vessel Brands certainly comes close with The Ultimate Ashtray. Choose it today and purchase a functional work of art designed to last a lifetime of cannabis use.

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