Thieves cover Union Pacific Railroad train tracks in Los Angeles with stolen freight and packages, interrupting deliveries

LOS ANGELES (KGO) — There’s an amazing scene on the Union Pacific tracks leading into downtown Los Angeles.

Thieves break into railway containers and unload goods onto the track.

Boxes upon boxes of merchandise litter the tracks.

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Once the goods are thrown from moving freight trains, others dive in search of the most valuable items.

An Amazon customer who returned an item had no idea that her delivery had been interrupted.

CBS LA reporter Kristin Lazar: So there was something that sent you back, but you just had no idea that it never arrived at its intended destination?

Customer: Yeah, I don’t even know what would be in that box. I buy so much from Amazon and return so much that I wouldn’t even know what it was.

Union Pacific says this stretch of track was only cleaned 30 days ago.

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Police say they have more patrols along this stretch of track and are looking at other technology to stop these crimes.

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