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Want to avoid testing queues? There’s a website that can help, but there’s a catch – it’s only for eastern states. Created by Jye Lewis and his wife Katie of South Sydney, the site details how long people can wait at PCR testing clinics in three states – Queensland, NSW and Victoria. The website – – is based on information shared by people who have recently visited the clinics. The website is easy to use. Just customize the map view and select the type of clinic you want to use. With the rules for PCR testing once again changing, wait times for COVID-19 testing clinics are expected to return to pre-Christmas levels, but the site can be a handy reference for those who prefer not to queue. READ MORE: The site also provides information about lab hours and turnaround times. With many people across the country now reportedly waiting a week and more for test results, this would be a useful option. Jye said he and Katie spent a day building the site: “We were taking a walk on Sunday and chatting about some Instagram pages that were using their follower base to share COVID-19 wait times and how great the idea was. conversation flowed from how we could improve the process and tried to provide some useful information about which clinics would be most useful to people (open hours, accessibility, wait times, etc). “It took about a day to build, and we published it on Sunday evening. Over the past few days, we’ve made some minor tweaks to the site as people have made suggestions. On the Illawarra Mercury Facebook page, many readers said they had been in isolation for many days awaiting their PCR test results. Jessica Marie said she had been waiting for over a week. “I’ve been waiting for nine days! Complete idiot. Family of five is in isolation. There’s only so much we can do to entertain ourselves,” she said. Craig Jackson said: “We’re almost four days old, have symptoms and are really sick. But still nothing. This is an absolute joke. We did the right thing and isolate until we get results. Other areas are getting results in less than 24 hours.” But Judy Hedger said she had a good experience with the results coming back quickly. “I had no qualms about waiting 10 minutes on Tuesday morning and had my result back early in the morning, ” She said. “[It was] very well organised. Well done all the staff at Towradgi testing. Very friendly staff. Thanks for all your hard work.” Karla James also had a quick turnaround. She said, “Warrawong test clinic got results in 12 hours.” Vea Taufa agreed, “There I went and yes, results back in 24 hours. My older kids went to Berkeley and are on day 8 today and still have no results.”



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