‘The party is over, Boris’: what the papers are saying about Johnson’s No 10 crisis | Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s hold on the premiership has been openly questioned on the front pages as unease rises in the Tory ranks over the latest revelations of garden parties at number 10 at a time when gatherings were limited to one person.

After smaller stories acknowledged the discontent a day earlier, the broadsheets splashed in the backseat revolt on Wednesday, with the Time’ headline that reads: “Say Sorry or Damn Us All, Ministers Tell Johnson.”

The Telegraph sends a steady but clear message to the Prime Minister with the headline: “Johnson is losing Tory support”. The full-width front-page photo is of a lonely-looking Secretary of State, Michael Ellis, who has been sent out to face the wrath of MPs.

The Guardian also captures the Tory’s anger in his head and highlights the suggestion by Douglas Ross, the Tory leader in Scotland, that Johnson should resign if he breaks Covid rules.

Several newspapers are riffing off the party aspect. The Daily mail asks, “Is the party over for Prime Minister?”, saying his future as leader has been openly questioned, calling it the “serious crisis of his premiership”.

The Mirror is more emphatic, saying “The party is over, Boris” and noting the families who mourned only on the day the party is said to have taken place.

The Subway focuses on the response of people who have lost loved ones to Covid, plus a quick poll suggesting majority support for a change of prime minister. “Power to the Victims” is the headline, alongside an image of Johnson appearing to be “grinning” at him during an interview about the crisis.

The Financial times Says: “Johnson faces a ‘potentially terminal’ showdown over Downing Street parties” and notes he will be faced today with the Prime Minister’s questions, plus two polls showing a majority of votes in favor of his resignation.

The Sun tries out the slogan of “No 10 garden partygate” and reports that Johnson was “hiding” and that donors and senior Tories are questioning his future. “It’s my party and I’ll keep quiet if I want to,” headlines the newspaper.

The I Says “the prime minister’s future is in jeopardy as the Tories rage over a private drink”, based on MPs saying they feel an “uncanny doom” about the prime minister’s future.

The Daily record quotes a woman who couldn’t be there for her dying brother, who said Johnson should resign.

The emphatically is doing its thing, claiming inner-party support is still strong for Johnson after “delivering Brexit and winning the war against Covid”. “Don’t ruin it now, PM!” it penetrates the head.

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