The Harley: A new state-of-the-art healthcare center is coming to Ottawa

The former Canadian Pharmacists Association building at 1785 Alta Vista Dr. will soon be buzzing now that Harley Street Healthcare Group Canada (HSHG) has officially taken possession of the site for its new state-of-the-art wellness center of technology.

The HARLEY, as the future site will be known, is part of a larger healthcare group originating in London, England, which has been serving customers for more than three decades. The new facility will be the group’s first foray into Canada and will serve as an integrated health care center, focusing on wellness, age management, mindfulness and longevity. The center will offer subscription-based services to those interested in preventative wellness care, with a focus on modern medicine, advanced technology and holistic health services.

However, to bring its vision to life, the group needed a suitable head office. Working closely with the team at Linebox, a local architect, HSHG is revamping its Alta Vista headquarters to create a wellness sanctuary.

“We draw inspiration from nature because our environment plays a huge role in our healing process,” said Amita Kochar, CEO of Harley Street Healthcare Group Canada. “Everything is very useful and has healing functions, from colors to textures.”

Harley Street is reinventing space to make it user-friendly, with the goal of improving the overall customer experience in healthcare. The Alta Vista location is ergonomically designed with the five elements of nature in mind – wood, fire, earth, water and metal – including features like a salt wall of the Himalayas in the meditation room and a reflexology-inspired river stone floor on the way to the steam room and sauna in the changing rooms.

“It is guided by the needs of the hour. People are just stressed,” she added. “Right now, the space is separated and fragmented. We make it open and integrated. A medically directed wellness ecosystem designed specifically for modern society.

Create a wellness center

The renovation is taking place in two phases. The first phase will add a new diagnostic imaging center on the first floor, which Kochar plans to complete in January 2023.

Equipped with the latest medical imaging technology, such as an MRI machine thanks to Harley Street’s partnership with Canon Medical Systems, the vision is to help offset the strain on Ottawa’s healthcare system by providing a new location imagery for public and private customers. The center will also help drive innovation, research and professional training on site by partnering with local post-secondary institutions.

“We believe the industrial approach to healthcare is no longer fit for our purpose,” said Sanjeev Kumar, visionary President and CEO of Harley Street Healthcare Group Canada. “We operate as a complementary partner, as an extension of the public health system.”

The second phase will add a health and wellness center to the second and third floors. In this space, visitors can use pods called “soma domes” that offer a variety of guided meditations enhanced with light and sound therapy.

Other features will include soundproof “shout rooms” where you can vent your frustrations at your leisure. Kochar expects phase two to be completed in the spring of 2023.

For Kumar and Kochar, Ottawa was an obvious choice for HSHG’s first Canadian center.

“Ottawa is one of the only capitals that has the capacity to grow for 20 to 30 years,” Kumar said. “If you look at any other capital, they’ve reached their limits with infrastructure. We are transforming Ottawa into the wellness capital of Canada. »

With building renovations beginning and a launch date looming, excitement is growing within the HSHG team to help transform Ottawa into the “Wellness and Longevity Capital of North America.” “.

“Stressed people go straight from work to their family, and that impacts their personal relationships,” Kumar said. “We want to make sure there’s a wellness infrastructure available for people with a personalized burnout program where they can spend 30 minutes, lower their stress levels, and go home a little happier.”

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