The First Rule of the Diet: Respect Your Hunger Hormones | Schedules2

Most people can lose weight, says Dr. Paul Chell. The problem is that they usually earn it back. “Unless you understand why your fat cells are gaining fat in the first place, your weight will keep coming back. You can invent the banana and water diet, you can lose weight very easily by doing a lot of things, but if you restrict calories, you will fail in the long run.

That success is not based on deprivation is news to most of us. And our confusion around food (“people feel out of control”) is why he and his wife, Dr. Monique Hope-Ross – they met as young doctors, specializing in ophthalmic surgery – wrote their book The Diet Whisperer 12-Week Reset Plan: Boost Your Metabolism, Reverse Diabetes, and Harmonize Your Brain Clock

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