The Fable app is the modern book club

Remember when we used to say “BRB” while pressing “AFK”? Now that we all carry a keyboard in our pocket thanks to cell phones, no one is “AFK” anymore, and “BRB” is just a memory. As the Singularity continues to approach, our lives and affairs have become increasingly entangled in the digital world. If you can do it in real life, there’s an app that does it digitally. And for the logophile contingent among us, that’s where the Fable app comes in.

Fable is a fantastic app that lets you join book clubs and engage in discussions with other members. There are tons of clubs available, some run by celebrities who curate a list of their favorite works.

Fable also offers readers access to an ever-expanding library of books available on the app. If you’re feeling too busy to join a book club in real life (or IRL), Fable is a great service.

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