The Creators of She-Hulk and Featured Vocal Support for VFX Syndicates

She-Hulk Star Tatiana Maslany, series creator Jessica Gao and producer Kat Coiro spoke about the criticisms of CGI made on the show, as well as their own concerns about the treatment of visual effects workers. The trio’s comments on the issues came during She-Hulkduring the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour on Wednesday.

Over the past few weeks, several stories have come out of the VFX house and their employees accusing Disney of being particularly difficult to work with. According to the stories, Disney often creates bidding wars over its projects, driving down prices thanks to its size and power in the industry. This leads to smaller teams on each project, which increases the demand for man-hours. On top of that, Disney also frequently demands changes very late in the process, which forces artists to work even worse hours, the anonymous employees say.

“I feel incredibly respectful of the talent of these artists and the speed with which they have to work. Obviously much faster than they should be given,” Maslany said during the TCA panel. “I know there are a lot of eyes on CG and criticism or whatever. I think we have to be very aware of the fact that the working conditions are not always optimal and that they have made these incredible advancements in industry and technology. I look at it and I see thoughts, you know, it doesn’t look like a cut scene from a video game.

“And we stand with what they say,” Coiro said. “The truth is that we work with them, but we are not behind the scenes on these long nights and days. So if they feel pressured, we are on their side and we listen to them”,

Faced with these conditions, many visual effects houses and studios began to attempt to unionize, giving artists and employees more collective power to help guide their studios and demand higher and fairer prices from Marvel.

“It’s just a huge undertaking to have a show of this scale where the main character is cg, it’s a very overwhelming and huge thing to undertake and it’s terrible that a lot of artists feel rushed and feel that the workload is too massive,” Gao said. “I think everyone on this panel stands in solidarity with all workers and is very supportive of good working conditions.”

“Pro union,” added Maslany.

She-Hulk has had backlash for its CGI following the release of each of its trailers so far, including one last month at Marvel’s Comic-Con panel in San Diego. She-HulkThe release date of has also been delayed by a day, with a low-key announcement on Wednesday via the official Disney Plus schedule for August.

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